Identical opposites


12. Interesting lady

~~The class was silent. Which was a very special moment, because, well you know teenagers, we don’t really pay attention to anything school related. To us school is like one of these songs on the radio that you have to listen to while you are waiting for YOUR song to come. You don’t really like the first song, but you have suffer through it. You don’t even pay attention, you might daydream while it’s playing. And as soon as YOUR song comes on, everything else you heard on the radio is forgotten. After all, why should we pay attention?

So, it was an unique occasion for the teenagers to actually listen to the boring song. I have probably bored you with my babbling, so I better move on with the story and tell you what was the reason for this unusual behavior.
 It was the simple fact that miss Tonova entered. Quite an unusual name for quite an unusual lady. A very unusual Russian lady. Which, apart from the nature of her accent, doesn’t really tell you much. But be sure, she is a very intriguing character to observe. Even for a group of hormonal teens. It was some sort of rule of hers that her clothes must always be squishing her body like they are squeezing a lemon. Fortunately for her, she had a very fit body for a sixty year old, so she didn’t look like her clothes are going to rip any second as if she is balloon being inflated too fast. However, her skinny body didn’t really go well with her frizzy hair, which just dangled around her head in any random direction. Which didn’t really fit with her tendency to behave like Dowager Empress Marie.
In short – she was worth paying attention to.
- Good morning miss.
Everyone in the room says in perfect unison, without a note of boredom, annoyance or sarcasm. Their voices were loud and clear and their posture could please a royalty. And they had all turned this into a habit in a week.
- Good morning to you as well. Shall we begin then?

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