Identical opposites


7. HE

~~HE was simply perfect. He met all the criteria on Thea’s list. And trust me, her list was long. With so many books she read and all the perfect guys she met in there, how can she not want to have someone like that?
 At that precise morning, he was sitting with his friends on the teacher’s desk. You may ask why there precisely and the answer is simple – teachers always get the best chairs and the best … everything actually. Or at least that’s what happens in school filled with rich kids. Or should I say kids with rich parents.
 But anyways, I am sure you would rather hear about the romance rather than stuff you already know.
 As HE was sitting there, Thea could not resist to just stay at the door and look at him for a while. Admiring his perfect looks and his divine manners. Even to just listen to his lovely voice. A few minutes of pure happiness.
 Sadly, the key word in that sentence is “few”, as if not a lot. Because she was spotted by her sister who couldn’t resist the temptation to tell her sister how foolish she is.
 - What are you standing there for? Class is soon about to start! Are you seriously going to waste your time and be late just to stare at that pervert idiot?
 At which point, you may have guessed, all looks in the room, including HIS, were directed at Thea. Such an embarrassment! Katya was going to regret this when she got back home.

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