Identical opposites


14. Friendship

~~The kitchen is a very messy place. Sometimes even scary if you don’t know how the stove works. But if you have a friend this can be turn into your most favorite place in the whole house. Having a friend can make cooking the most anticipated part of your daily routine. Which is why Katya liked so much. This was the only time of the day when she could spend quality time with her mom. Just … talking. As simple as that. It’s not like they were doing something very special, just a simple activity.
The way the two of them seemed to click was magical. They could talk without actually talking. They didn’t need to say a word but somehow the meals cooked themselves. They didn’t talk about it, it just happened on its own. Like a communication you can’t feel. Both are activities from our daily life. Although I bet not many of us feel like that while doing them.

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