Identical opposites


10. But miss

~~- But miss do we have to be in alphabetical order? Can’t we mix?
- Sorry, Thea, you know the rules. If you are in alphabetical order it’s easier for me keep track. 
- Can’t you move Katya to another group! I seriously don’t wanna be with her. She is such a weirdo, which is the nicest thing I can say about her. I mean, you should see what happens at dinner everyday and don’t get me started on
- Thea, what’s happening between you and your sister is not my problem, but if any of you get lost I can loose my job. This is a school excursion not a walk in the park. You are privileged to have the opportunity to go shopping. So you just have to stick with your sister and that’s final.
Thea gave an angry stare to the teacher and went back to her group of people who adore her.
- So can we ditch your sister or not?
- We are stuck with her. That woman found the only way to ruin my perfect day. This was supposed to be our day. We were going to look at instruments for the show in two weeks and buy some cool clothes for the stage. Now we have to spend the whole afternoon listening to my sister complaining and giving her useless opinion about everything. With her following my every move how am I supposed to run away and meet with Harry? I officially announce that today is going to be a total sucker.
- Glad you feel the same way as me Thea.
Everyone turned around panicked to see who had interrupted Thea’s monologue. Which, as you probably guessed was no one else but Katya.
- How long have you been sitting there?
- Enough to hear about your plans. Plans which I am sure won’t be approved by our parents.
- Like I care what my parents approve.
- Guys! We’ve heard this like a million times, so can you just stop it and get going.
Although only person from Thea’s gang said that, they all thought it. But who can blame them for getting annoyed with a conversation they could recite backwards.
So Thea had to take a very deep breath and put a smile on her face, in order to keep at least part of her happy mood. Her sister had already prevented her from the suture kissing session, so Thea wouldn’t give her the pleasure to ruin the rest of her day as well. The strategy of ignoring the pest always works.
This, however, didn’t seem to be Katya’s strategy. This whole day was supposed to be her studying for the upcoming exam in a month, but now she had to follow her sister around mind numbing shops and waste time looking at all the possible ways her sister could show off. No way was Thea being unpunished.

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