The WORST Summer Ever

“Oh my gosh! My iPhone is not working, I can’t text my friends. Youtube doesn’t function in this god forsaken place! I am going to die!”

Sean Smith is spending his summer at his working grandmothers house in the country side in Sweden. She’s never there and she hasn’t set up any wifi. Sean’s phone doesn’t work, neither does his iPod and she doesn’t have Minecraft on her computer. Sean doesn’t know how many times he can play solitaire again and again.

This is the diary of Sean Smith, attempting to survive the seven week summer without wifi.


1. Day 1

Dear Diary,


I can’t believe it, my iPod doesn’t work, my iPhone doesn’t work and the wifi signal is non existent! I don’t know what to do! I asked my grandmother and she gave me this diary. Then she left a lunch box on the table and she left for work. I am in some random place in Sweden, unfortunately not in Stockholm, maybe there’d be wifi there. But no, I’m stuck here and it sucks like a gobstopper and hate it and it’s awful and ahhhh!


There isn’t even any signal here, I can’t even call! I wish was at home in London where I could watch youtube to my hearts content. I can’t though because I am in this stupid place.  It’s as old as her or maybe even older, have I mentioned that there is nothing to flipping do? I am going to die!


I would rather there was a zombie apocalypse then stay here any longer, my eyes are getting crinkly from all these old antiques. Even the books here are rubbish, she doesn’t even comics. And whenever I call them comics she doesn’t understand, she calls them GRAPHIC NOVELS. What are graphic novels even? I mean really?


I guess I’m going back to solitaire.


See ya later, alligator.

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