Heir of Fire - Review

This is a review for 'Heir of Fire' by Sarah J. Maas


1. The Review

As a newcomer to the Throne of Glass series, I was unsure of what to expect from Heir of Fire. Any doubt that lurked in the depths of my mind was soon eradicated by the poetic way in which Sarah J. Maas writes, perfectly crafting each scene with exquisite detailing and well-developed characters. 

Without giving too much away, Celaena Sardothien (which is just one of many great names featured in the book) is a strong, independent woman who slowly takes hold of who she is throughout. As the story unfolds, she learns how to harness her magical gifts, and uses this as a way of learning more about herself. She becomes increasingly relatable, and through revealing intricacies of her past, she instantly struck me as a potential role-model for young females.

Where I have seen many books fail to switch between characters, Heir of Fire succeeded. There are obvious distinctions made consistently between characters and each change is clear to the reader. There was no confusion, no complexity (expect maybe with the lineage of the families involved), and absolutely no characters who made me want to skip a chapter. I was particularly engrossed by Chaol Westfall - the ‘bad boy’ of the book with his sharp tongue and quick wit. 

In regards to the plot itself, it is easily comparable to a rollercoaster. It has highs and lows, but you’ll always have to cling on and keep enjoying the ride. Heir of Fire effortlessly toys with the reader’s emotions through shocking, sudden plot twists that kept me hooked until the very end. It is a clear display of how fantasy world-building should be done, with stunningly realistic characters that will tug on your heartstrings until the very last page. 

If you haven’t read Heir of Fire yet, I only have one question for you. Why the hell not? 

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