My Broken Bad Boy

Niall has a lot of secrets. One of them being that he has a fear of being alone. But being the bad boy in town, you don't want that secret getting out. I try getting him to let me into his world. I want to know his private thoughts. He's broken on the inside and I want to fix him. But somethings broke, cannot be fixed.





Niall Horan as himself


Female Character has yet to be decided


Zayn Malik as himself (Niall's brother in law)


Ian Somerhalder as David


Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen as Daisy and Sandy 




(This story will contain drugs, alcohol, and sex. If you are under 16+ DO NOT READ!! If you do not like violence, drugs, alcohol, or sex I recommend you to not read. This is all copyrighted material. All rights reserved to the author, TheOriginalMrsHoran/Aubrianna Gonzales. If you copy my story in anyway (plot, characters, scenes, etc) you will be fined. If you'd like to make a one-shot or spin off you must be granted permission by me. This story is fiction which means it is NOT real. All the characters portrayed in this story are fictitious as well as the events that take class. Any characters that are similar to actual people is coincidental. Updates will be provided if update goals are reached by the readers. But for now the first update will be on Sunday. Constructive criticism is accepted but hate is not, though you are entitled to your opinion. Please remember that I am NOT a professional I am a mere amateur but I love writing. I do know the difference between "there," "their," and "they're," but if you see a grammar, punctuation, spelling mistake I either wrote in a hurry or I forgot so please be sure to point out any mistakes. I hope you enjoy this story once the first chapter is posted :)  

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