The Killing Maze

To survive the maze you needed to have brains, you needed to be brawn and most important of all, you need to be able to run fast and I mean fast, if you didn't or couldn't do either of these well you had no chance. This is the story about how a group of 11 girls and 1 guy survive the Blazers and how they escape 'the killing maze'.

*Just to note this is a story with a mixture of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games ideas. Please no hate, comment helpful ideas on how I can improve the story or to tell me that it's a good storyline. I hope you guys like it. Much love xox*


2. This Can't Be Right..


“What is it?”

“What can you see?”

“It’s.. it’s a guy” I say confused. This can’t be right..

“A guy?”

“Oooh is he cute?”

“Eww, why is he here?”

So many questions were being asked all at once.

“Girls please, I don’t know, I can’t answer your question, cause I don’t know the answer. Phoebe can you help me please?”

I jumped in the box and moved closer to him. He was really tall and quite thin. His skin was pale with many freckles covering his arms but not so many on his face. His hair was a dark blonde colour which was shortly cut.


We got him out of the box, he was still unconscious so with some effort we took him to the little medical hut located on the west side of the safe point. We lifted him onto the medical bed, it was pretty funny cause he was too tall for the bed and his feet hung over the end. The med chicks looked after him while I went outside to make sure everyone had got back to work. 

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