The Killing Maze

To survive the maze you needed to have brains, you needed to be brawn and most important of all, you need to be able to run fast and I mean fast, if you didn't or couldn't do either of these well you had no chance. This is the story about how a group of 11 girls and 1 guy survive the Blazers and how they escape 'the killing maze'.

*Just to note this is a story with a mixture of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games ideas. Please no hate, comment helpful ideas on how I can improve the story or to tell me that it's a good storyline. I hope you guys like it. Much love xox*


9. The Werewolves


"Werewolves?" Locklen questioned I noticed he was becoming uncomfortable 

"You don't have to worry about them they stay out in the maze. They only come out at night and the day of the supplies"  Locklen let's out a sigh of relief. 

"How much of a threat are they to us then?" He asks 

"Well if one of us gets bitten the venom actually turns us into one of them. We need the antidote which is brought up on supply day. You have 3 hours to get the antidote into your system or you change and if we have no more of the stuff we have no choice but to send you out into the maze".

"So your saying that the werewolves out in the maze are past tributes?" 

"yes that's what I'm saying"

"so how did you discover that there were werewolves out there?" 

"Well the day of supplies me, Melanie, Chicago and Steph went out. This time we were equipped with weapons. The bow and arrow was mine, throwing daggers was Mel's, an axe was Chicago's and Steph, she got the long bladed knife. We reached the Cornucopia to find the blazers on the other side. They all turned to us, staring. I noticed they too were carrying weapons. 

"So GG's you decided to show you faces" Floyd yells over to us 

"Well I'm surprised to see you guys had the guts, due to the facts we kicked your asses last time" Melanie replies.

She smiles as she knew this was going to turn into blood bath. The alarm sounded and the box appears. I was scared, I didn't want anyone to get killed. I believed that since we both lived in the maze we should both get half the supplies each. I looked over at the blazers but notice a black animal like creature stalking behind them. Believing I was dreaming I rubbed my eyes. The creature was large, it kinda reminded me of a large dog or wolf. It had a shiny black coat and bright red eyes. I heard screaming beside me, Steph had noticed the creature. Everyone focuses on where she was looking. 

"is this your little joke GG's? cause its not working" Floyd says 

We girls start to make an escape but the route that we came was blocked by another wolf, this wolf was a sandy brown colour. Steph screams. 

"Shut up dweeb do you want to be the first one gone?" Melanie whispers to Steph.

Stephanie becomes silent.  The light was dimming and since the supplies always arrive later through the day there is always enough time to run into the maze get the supplies and run back just in time before the door closed. We were all scared well the boys were attempting to be brave but I could tell they were scared. We all backed up to the far wall. 

"What are we going to do?" Chicago says 

"We fight" Melanie says 

"For once I agree with Mel guys, we fight or we die. To be honest I choose to not die" I reply

Both the wolves were in vision, drool covered there mouths. They looked pretty hungry. 

"On the count of three we attack" Mel says "1, 2, 3" 

We all started running towards them and surprisingly the Blazers followed us. It happened so fast the boys went for the black wolf and us girls went for the brown one. The wolves didn't back down, they both saw the weakest out of the two groups. The wolf was after Steph. Steph realized the danger and hid behind me. An arrow was loaded into the bow as we back away slowly. The wolf followed. I aimed for the eye and some how the wolf reflexes were really fast. So it dodged the arrow easily, it swiftly moved and with one bite to the leg it had wounded me. I can remember the pain, it felt like burning but it felt like someone was stabbing me with a sharp knife several times" i stop and look at my leg. The scar was still visible, 16 teeth marks can still seen on my rather tanned skin. I shiver at the memory but I continued telling the story

"I collapsed to the ground in pain as I watched as the wolf bit Steph on the arm. Two victims in one day. My eyes were stinging and I knew something wasn't right. 

"We're out of here" i hear the boys say as they ran. Only grabbing a few things from the box. The girls crowded around us. They all didn't know what to do. 

"Do something quick" I plead 

"Guys do you think this could cure them?" I hear Chicago  She was holding a needle which had blue serum inside. 

"There is only one in there so I'll give it a go" 

She stabs the needle into my arm without warning. I groan in pain. 

"What about Steph?" I ask still in pain 

"I will carry her back to the safe zone and see if we have another one, that's if we make it. It looks like the door will close any minute". Chicago says 

"We better be fast" Melanie replies while she lifts me over her shoulder, my eyes started getting heavier and heavier till my world turns into darkness.

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