The Killing Maze

To survive the maze you needed to have brains, you needed to be brawn and most important of all, you need to be able to run fast and I mean fast, if you didn't or couldn't do either of these well you had no chance. This is the story about how a group of 11 girls and 1 guy survive the Blazers and how they escape 'the killing maze'.

*Just to note this is a story with a mixture of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games ideas. Please no hate, comment helpful ideas on how I can improve the story or to tell me that it's a good storyline. I hope you guys like it. Much love xox*


3. The Meds


The sun was setting and finally the hunters had returned safely. All up we had 6 hunters. Each day we send out 2. But once a week when the alarm is heard we send out 4, these four are to find the supply box which contains anything that was needed for survival. Both Chicago and Samantha looked exhausted as usual. Sammy and Chicago were both thin, average height, athletic girls. They both had similar chocolate brown coloured hair the only difference was Chicago had really curly hair while Sammy had perfectly straight. I offered them water which they gladly took. They didn't stop for a chat as they headed back to the mapping hut. The maze doors were closing as I headed back up the medical hut. Walking into the room I noticed the boy was still lying on the bed unconscious. The med chicks were keeping a watchful eye on him. The meds consisted of Mia and Phoebe. The two girls had so much in common they were the same height and had similar facial and body features, the only way you could tell them apart was their hair. Mia was a light blondey her hair was cut just below the shoulders. Phoebe on the other hand had dark blonde almost brown hair which stopped just above her elbows. To be honest they were just like twins.

“How’s he doing?”

“He’s stable he should come to by the morning”

I just nod my head

“Thanks girls” I say as I walked out of the room and I make my way over to the camp kitchen.    

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