The Killing Maze

To survive the maze you needed to have brains, you needed to be brawn and most important of all, you need to be able to run fast and I mean fast, if you didn't or couldn't do either of these well you had no chance. This is the story about how a group of 11 girls and 1 guy survive the Blazers and how they escape 'the killing maze'.

*Just to note this is a story with a mixture of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games ideas. Please no hate, comment helpful ideas on how I can improve the story or to tell me that it's a good storyline. I hope you guys like it. Much love xox*


7. The Blazers


I paused, the memory was still raw in my mind. Slight shock was still flowing through my bloodstream. 

"What happened?" Locklen questioned

"Well it was a shock for both of us. For me, especially me. I have run this maze multiple times and I have never come across others. Chicago and I we just stood there and the two boy did also. I examined them both the one on the left was a little bit shorter than the other one. He was darker skinned, no hair on his head. His bright blue eyes sparkled in the sun. He was really muscular, I really wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him. The other guy was tall, I mean really tall. He was super skinny, his brown hair made his blonde highlights stand out and his greenish colored eyes reminded me of the vines growing on the maze walls. They both seemed scary but I knew deep inside they were probably really nice people. I finally built up the courage to say hi first. They introduced themselves as Tom and Floyd. Tom was the darker skinned one and Floyd was the tall one. We made small conversations for ages but we went our separate ways when the light started to get dim. We arranged to meet at the same place when the sun was at its highest. I remember running back and Chicago was going on and on about how we shouldn't trust them. That there guys and were girls, they could easily kill us. I was a bit on edge about meeting them again. We both arranged that we wouldn't tell Cassidy or anyone and we would tell them wherever we were certain that they might or might not be a threat to us". 

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