*ON HOLD* The Undiscovered *Sequel'to'WHDK*

Gabi and Sammy both passed on but the day after the funeral they notice they are in a new area with new faces having no knowledge of any people which means Gabi doesn't even remember her kids but they only remember each other while the kids are kidnapped?
What will happen next in The Undiscovered Sequal to what he doesn't know


1. Introduction

Gabi's P.O.V

       "Hey Sammy does something look different to you? "

       " No why? "

       " Well I don't know things just look so uncomfortable.  "

       " Do we need to take you to the doctor?  " Sammy joked.

       " Of course not!  "  Maybe I did need to I mean things feel different different like im in a brand new body or something.


            Niall's P.O.V

            " Well mates this is our last look of our beautiful Gabi... and Sammy.  "

            " Yea... "  Liam opens the coffins to see that Gabi and Sammy's body weren't there.

            " OMG! The body's aren't there!  "



Sorry this was way short but its basically the introduction to the sequel so I hope you like it bye!

~ Sammy xx


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