*ON HOLD* The Undiscovered *Sequel'to'WHDK*

Gabi and Sammy both passed on but the day after the funeral they notice they are in a new area with new faces having no knowledge of any people which means Gabi doesn't even remember her kids but they only remember each other while the kids are kidnapped?
What will happen next in The Undiscovered Sequal to what he doesn't know


3. Chapter 2

Gabi's P.O.V

How the hell did he get away when their was like 50 gazillion cops here!  I need revenge on him.

Delilah's(Sammys) P.O.V

So nice to know one of my bestfriends has a crush on me and then Liam and I are "dating", maybe Louis just had a sudden urge to bite his lips...

" Come on, Sammy we have to go and find Leah.  " Crap I forgot to tell Gabi about our disguises.

" Oh so you tricked an innocent girl into thinking your "Sammy" Delilah? " Harry says with a smirk.

" Nope she didn't that's just my nickname for her, hi I'm Tess.  " Gabi says.

I saw Gabi look at Liam and I and then down to where we were holding hands, she lifts a eyebrow and I mouth " Disguise " while Liam looks like its true and not just a disguise.

" So why don't you move in with us at least for as long were here.  " Liam suggested smiling.  Tess and I both look at eachother and nod back at Liam.

" Hey, hey who said we agreed? " Zayn explains.

" Well aren't I like the dad out of us? " Liam says, while all the boys slowly nod.


Tess'(Gabi's) P.O.V

    Sammy and I basically lived here already so we still have clothes here and thank goodness for that.  I could see Sammy looking at her clothes in disgust out of the corner of my eye, then I realize we might actually have to get a new wardrobe so we don't look the same as our previous bodies.  I totally forgot about Ed yet I don't even know where his body is at right now, what if he also came back to earth but in another body!?

Delilah's P.O.V

" So Liam are we actually going out, or is it just for disguise? " I say as I walk out and sit next to Liam, I really hope its not for disguise.

" I don't exactly know, what do you want it to be? " He says as he puts his arm around me.

" Well I do like you but what's going to be everyone's reaction that Gabi and I are actually Gabi and I and that we weren't faking our relationship? " Shit I overthink to much.

" It'll be alright princess ok. " As he kisses me on my forehead.  I start to blush.

" Maybe we should give Gabi some space tonight knowing Ed died today. " Ed died.

"Ok. " I don't know what to say nor think.


Tess' P.O.V

" So Sammy were are you sleeping tonight? " I kinda want the room to myself tonight.

" Liam said it was fine if I wanted to sleep in his room, I understand whats going on Gabi.  Don't pull anything stupid you still have Jay. " Sammy looked serious faced as she said that last part.

    I cant handle knowing I could somehow lose Jayla to, maybe if I go to sleep everything will be just a dream when I wake up.

Delilah's P.O.V

" I hope shes alright Liam I'm worried knowing her pass. " I remember the last time something tragic happened and she almost died from it.

" Everything will be ok Sammy come on lets just go to sleep and hope she makes it through the night. " Liam and I both get into bed and he wraps my arms around me and I fall asleep knowing/hoping everything will be alright.

Louis' P.O.V

   Of course Liam gets the girl, I know it is Sammy I just don't think anyone else does besides Liam she is just so amazing and funny and sporty but wait she cant be like that knowing not everyone believes its her.  This gives me n advantage since I know its her..



So I know this Chapter was extremely short once again but I am really tired and specially talking about sleep does not help.

Also sorry I haven't been updating have exactly been home lately and if I am im spending quality family time, but this isn't the only book I have to update so please remember that (:



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