*ON HOLD* The Undiscovered *Sequel'to'WHDK*

Gabi and Sammy both passed on but the day after the funeral they notice they are in a new area with new faces having no knowledge of any people which means Gabi doesn't even remember her kids but they only remember each other while the kids are kidnapped?
What will happen next in The Undiscovered Sequal to what he doesn't know


2. Chapter 1

Gabi's P.O.V

  I might be losing my mind but I feel like I lost half of me but who knows maybe this is a new start...

Niall's P.O.V

  " Who the hell took Gabi's body!?  " I don't care about Sammy Gabi was my world and if I cant have her then no one can I was just trying to get Gabi jealous I should have known Sammy would have done something stupid to get Gabi's attention ugh!

    " Niall we just called the police be easy ok?  Were all sad and mad not just you.  " Zayn said polity.

Jayla's P.O.V

" Ed we need to get out of here, your bleeding from so many places! " Ed was the closest one to dyeing between the two of us.

" We have no idea where were at and yea I may be bleeding but I'm holding on sis for mom and you. "

" Good news brats!  Your mom and her friend died their body's are missing as well.  So we are going to go and pay your so called family a visit, GET IN THE CAR! " He unchains us but keeps the ropes tide to us tide to his wrist. 

I got up as soon as possible so that I could help Ed up.

" I can't be the only one who is suspicious about this right? "

" Yea I mean who would take Mom and aunt Sammy's bodies? " 

" Shut your fucking mouths! " Right as we started to drive Ed and I fell off the seats and I heard Ed wince in pain.  I also still don't know why he wont damage me but damage Ed to the point where he is almost dead. 

Gabi's P.O.V

Sammy and I were just casually walking when I see Niall talking to the police, I nudged Sammy's arm.

" Look it's Niall and the police, wait who is that coming out of that van? "

" Its that one guy that kidnapped us! " Right as she said that I sprinted out of the bushes and running straight towards everyone.

" Hey hey ladies, sorry but this is a crime scene no fans are allowed. "

" Oh I'm going to wreck who ever thought this is a crime scene! "

" SAMMY CHILL!!!! " I saw Liam remember that name and he rushed over and told the officer it was ok for us to come in. 

" So your name is Sammy? "

" Liam you know this stuff we ARE Sammy and Gabi. " Liam looked so confused and disgusted and then he realized that I was telling the truth.

" I missed you guys so much but why do you guys look different and aren't dead? "

" I guessed we haven't really looked into that, how do we tell everyone? "

" Why don't we only keep it between us thr- "

" Mommy!!!! " Jayla started running over to me but failed when she fell along with Edward.  Tears started to fall down my cheek as I see all the cuts and bruises on Edward.  Sammy rushes over and unties Edward and Jayla but that's not all my so called uncle hit Sammy and Edward with a whip.

" Leave them the fuck alone! " Liam shouts while running over to bring the kids to the cops and Sammy away from my 'uncle' cause ya know how aggressive Sammy is.  I'm finally unstunned and run over to my kids forgetting about Sammy completely.

Sammy's P.O.V

" Who the hell do you think you two are!? " Niall screamed making me even more mad that I had to punch him in the face.  Liam looked at me like didn't just punch his best friend/the dad of my best friends kids. 

" Yea why the hell are you guys here and why is that random girl acting like those are her kids along with Jayla acting like that's her mom! " It was weird hearing Harry scream at me but if I'm going to act like I'm a total new person I might as well be nice and sweet and all that crap.

" My name is Delilah sorry about that Niall I just don't know where that came from.  " Its a good time I don't think they know anyone named Delilah.

" Yea and she is my girlfriend sorry I didn't tell you lads. " Liam puts his arm around me as I smile like a maniac but then I remember that he is dating 'Delilah' not me.

"  You and her? " Louis checks me out and bites his lip, ok then...

Gabi's P.O.V

" Officer these are my kids I swear to god and this is my first time seeing them in forever, please please just believe me! " Jayla nods and hugs me so tight I can barely breathe.

" Listen until I see a birth certificate and your signature ill believe their yours but until then they will be staying with their father atleast Jayla will.  I'm sorry to say this but 'your' son died from the man.  " I can not believe this my kid has died and I barely ever got to see him. 

Wait where is 'uncle' anyways!?


So I' am so sorry that I have not been updating but school is out so now I will try my best to update every week or every day.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 1 of The Undiscovered *Sequel to WHDK*!

Sammy x

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