*ON HOLD* The Undiscovered *Sequel'to'WHDK*

Gabi and Sammy both passed on but the day after the funeral they notice they are in a new area with new faces having no knowledge of any people which means Gabi doesn't even remember her kids but they only remember each other while the kids are kidnapped?
What will happen next in The Undiscovered Sequal to what he doesn't know


4. A/N *Important*

    I know I haven't been updating and I haven't been making long chapters I surprisingly I have been really busy and since I have been updating two books at once I have been just making short chapters so I am going to put this book on hold until I either finish New Life or feel comfortable writing for both books at once and not making really short chapters. 

   I would also like a co-author for this book all they really need to qualify to be the co-author is that you know what the book is about meaning you read the first book and read the chapters in this book.  The last thing is, is that you need to be active.

    So I hope you guys understand about the whole book thing so basically this book will be on hold till I find a co-author, finish New Life, or feel comfortable doing two books at once.

~ Sammy x

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