Candy Coated Love ~Sabriel~

Sam and Gabe fall in love under unusual circumstances. But, will this newfound romance last?


1. Get Up!

Gabe's POV:

"Gabe. Up. Now." Anna demands from the end of my bed. 

I groan and sit up. "Go away." I grumble, my voice husky from lack of sleep.

I reach under my pillow and grab a sucker. 

I look up and realize that she's still there. 

"You want one?" I reach under my pillow and pull out an orange one.

"It's too early for candy," she tells me. 

I chuckle then start pelting her with suckers. "Get out!" I whine.

She starts screaming and run out, slamming the door behind her. I can hear her chuckling from outside my door.

"I'll get you back!" She yells.

"Sure, you will." I mutter under my breath. I slowly rise from my mattress and head to my closet, pulling out a pair if faded blue jeans and a dark green v-neck. I grab my back pack and hurry to the kitchen. 

"Excited for the first day at your new school?" Michael asks me.

"As long as there's cute guys!" I smirk and chuckle. 

Michael smiles.

"Too bad none of them can look like this!" He grabs a banana off the counter and runs out the door.

"See you all after work!" He yells at us.

I can hear a chorus of "byes"and "see ya laters" all from Castiel, Lucifer and Anna.

Our parents died when I was little and our Uncle, Zachariah took custody of us. As soon as Anna was old enough, she put us under her care. Michael was going to move out soon, but he needed some place to stay while he looked at his options.

Castiel was the annoying formal one. He never wanted to have any fun. 

Lucifer, on the other hand was almost downright evil. Whenever he got caught, he always played up that misunderstood little kid act. 

I sighed and ran out the door to catch the school bus.

With any luck, this school could be completely awesome.

Sammy's POV: 

"Sam!" Dean yelled from the kitchen. "You have five minutes!"

I looked over at my alarm clock. The time read 7:20.

"Shit." I grumbled, almost too tired to care. I pulled out a plaid shirt and an old pair of blue jeans and rushed downstairs. 

I opened the fridge, looking for some carrots it an apple.

"Got any pie in there?" Dean asked from the table, already polishing off last night meal of burgers and fries.

I scan the shelves and pull out a slice of leftover cake.

"Is cake okay?" I asked him.

"No, no, no, Sammy, does it look like cake is okay?" He asked, giving me his best bitch face. 

I pulled out an apple and grabbed my book bag. Dean threw away the wrappers of his burger and grabbed the keys to his '67 Impala. I slided into the front seat as Dean started blasting Led Zepplin.

"Can't you change it?" I yelled over the blaring guitar solo.

He turned down the volume and looked at me.

"Sammy, you know the rules, driver picks the music," 

"Shotgun shuts his cake-hole. I know, I know." I sighed.

This was going to be a long day.

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