It's Almost an obsession . . . . . .

They all have an obsession, Melissa, Sherlock, John, Mrs.Hudson... all of them. No one ever admits when they are really obsessed, they are all 'almost obsessed.' Its Almost an obsession...


2. Chapter two.

John - 


    John woke that monday, in a good enough mood. Which was surprising, seeing as it was a monday. The reason for this was that the day before, Sherlock had gotten a particularly interesting case - if not a hard one. John reckoned that it would take Sherlock a maximum of 5 days to crack this one, but at least it would keep him occupied for a while. 

    John entered the Lounge of their shared flat, to find Sherlock already awake, with a cup of black coffee, two sugars - as he had expected. It was what Sherlock did every morning, Wake up at 7:30 on the dot, black coffee in his favourite mug, and the latest police reports. If there weren't any police reports, Sherlock just sat with his coffee, waiting for John to wake up. 

    Mrs. Hudson came up from downstairs, and John politely asked her if she had had any luck procuring a tenant for the other flat at number 221 - 221C Baker street. Mrs. Hudson herself lived in 221A Baker street. John didn't really expect the answer to be in the affirmative, since Mrs.Hudson had been looking for a tenant to live there for months now, but to both John’s and Sherlock’s surprise, she said that yes, she did have a potential tenant coming to look over the place that afternoon, so could Sherlock please try to be welcoming. She also added that she knew she could count on John to make her feel welcomed and at home. 

    When Mrs.Hudson left the room, Sherlock simply said ‘She?’ as if Mrs.Hudson must have been mistaken in the report that the perspective tenant could be of the female gender. 

    “Yes, She, Sherlock.” John replied “They do exist you know.”

    “I don't want her to interfere.” Was all Sherlock had to say about the matter. John suppressed a laugh, and went about trying to tidy up 221B so that they wouldn't be embarrassed when they invited the lady over for tea. Well, ‘they’ really meant ‘John’ as it was Sherlock who made the mess, and John who actually cared about it. 

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