It's Almost an obsession . . . . . .

They all have an obsession, Melissa, Sherlock, John, Mrs.Hudson... all of them. No one ever admits when they are really obsessed, they are all 'almost obsessed.' Its Almost an obsession...


6. Chapter six..


Sherlock - 


    Sherlock was actually, already awake. He was eagerly stalking the streets, checking up on his homeless network, it was surprising how loyal the poor peoples of London were to Sherlock Holmes - maybe because he treated them like her treated everyone else, and they liked that. 

    Sherlock had given them a particular mission a few days ago, which was to see if there had been any word on the streets of Jim Moriarty. His unexpected return to society had greatly, and deeply affected Sherlock, although he would never let it show, he was afraid. Which, partly was why he was glad when Mary said she was going to Italy with some friends - it meant that Sherlock could keep a close eye on John, at 221b, without it seeming weird or paranoid. 

    “Oi, Oi!” Came a call from across the street, a man in the Shadows. Sherlock didn't even think twice about it, and crossed the road. 

    “Which one of you is it?” He said 

“I am not one of your pathetic little homeless drones.” He spat at Sherlock. “I am a warning, from Mr.M. That’s right, Mr.Holmes, he is back and he has a message for you” The man handed Sherlock a crumpled piece of paper and ran off into the alleyway. Sherlock made no attempt to follow him, there was no point anyways. 

    Sherlock eagerly un-crumpled the note and read it …




Hello, Sheerly my dear.


Yes I am back, the game is afoot!

No, John is not safe.  


Your deadly acquaintance




ps. Shame about the girl - Melissa - she really is quite a looker.

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