It's Almost an obsession . . . . . .

They all have an obsession, Melissa, Sherlock, John, Mrs.Hudson... all of them. No one ever admits when they are really obsessed, they are all 'almost obsessed.' Its Almost an obsession...


1. Chapter one.

Melissa - 


    School, Grades, Studies, Homework. That was all there was to her life, that was it. She didn't have a social life, and she didn't want one. To start with, this had been entirely her choice - there had been plenty of people at her new school willing to socialise with her, she just hadn't wanted to. After about 3 weeks, however, I doubt that her non-existent social life was altogether her decision.She was 17 and in her opinion too ‘grown-up’ for friends of her own age, but this had extended to friends of any other age as well.  

    Her aunt constantly worried about her, thinking that the accident 4 years ago had caused her niece not only pain, but some kind of long-term depression and physiological damage. She barely let Melissa be in a room by herself for more than 10 minutes, and when she did, she “subtly” checked that she hadn't been cutting or self harming in any other form. Of course, Melissa had noticed - she wasn't stupid - but she let her aunt check anyways. People like her aunt needed to check, thats just what they did. 

    She didn't have many hobbies or interests other than getting A*’s in all of her subjects, but there was something she followed with avid interest.Well, I say something but I suppose that I should really say … someone.

    Sherlock Holmes, was the object of her ‘almost’ obsession. She considered herself a true fan of Mr.Sherlock Holmes’ work, she had originally found him through his website ‘The Science of Deduction’, then when his little friend John had come into the frame, she had also started to read John’s blog. At first she had hated John Hamish Watson with a passion, being utterly jealous down to her core of the army doctor, but after a while, as she saw how John was helping Sherlock with publicity and cases, her jealousy subsided and she now appreciated the little man more than anyone - apart from Sherlock Holmes. 

    She had, as much as possible, tried to keep the knowledge of this away from her noisy aunt, but in this particular endeavour, she had failed miserably. Once her aunt had found out, she just refused to shut up about it! It had made Melissa’s life a total living nightmare, and now she was going to take matters into her own hands. She was old enough now to live without her aunt, and she knew exactly where she was going to go…



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