It's Almost an obsession . . . . . .

They all have an obsession, Melissa, Sherlock, John, Mrs.Hudson... all of them. No one ever admits when they are really obsessed, they are all 'almost obsessed.' Its Almost an obsession...


4. Chapter four..


Melissa - 


    I walked into the room, as composedly as I could but on the inside, I felt like a total donkey or something. I felt all the eyes in the room turn on me as they waited for me to introduce myself and I could feel my cheeks heating up in my desperate struggle not to blush. I was especially nervous about the bit that would come next where Sherlock would inevitably dissect my soul piece by piece… but he didn't do it. 


Sherlock - 


    Oh, My…. No! Thought Sherlock I don't even WANT to ‘read’ her out loud. Has ‘Super Sherlock fan’ practically plastered all over her face. Obviously running away from something and here is the first and only place she thought of….

    Sherlock was beginning to despair over the possibility that the Girl was going to be some crazily obsessive fan, but then she spoke..

    “Good Afternoon, my name is Melissa Read.” She had said,  but she was not even looking at Sherlock, she was addressing herself more to John and Mrs.Hudson. 

    “Yes, I’m John Watson, this is Mrs.Hudson and that” he emphasised the ‘that’ and pointed at Sherlock “Is ‘Sherlock Holmes, worlds only consulting detective’” He said sarcastically, obviously aggravated at Sherlocks lack of courtesy to their guest.

    Sherlock finally decided to properly introduce himself to Melissa when John and Mrs.Hudson went out of the room to make tea, even though Melissa had said that she did not want anything. Melissa sat down one of the kitchen chairs that Mrs.Hudson had brought through - she was smart enough not to sit on John’s Chair - . 

    “As, John said before, I am Sherlock Holmes. You may call me Mr.Holmes or Holmes or something like that but not Sherlock.” He said, coldly and bitterly, but Melissa had been expecting him to be like that so she was not perturbed. Sherlock was surprised, he had been expecting her to feel snubbed and he didn't like being wrong about peoples reactions.

    “ Well then, Mr.Holmes.” She replied to him, emphasising Mr.Holmes. “You may call me Miss.Read or Read but not Melissa. John can  do that though.” She said, partly mimicking him. He was surprised again, but this time he didn't mind as much because she didn't seem as boring as she could have been. 

    “Mr.Holmes,” She began “Whilst I would not consider myself on your intellectual level, I am smart enough to realise that by now you already know that I am …” She paused to find the right wording for her sentence “Somewhat of a fan of yours.” 

    “I had noticed, Miss.Read. So, how did you find me? John’s blog or the papers?”

    “Actually neither. Mr Holmes, do not class me as one of those fans. I found you through your website -  The Art of Deduction - some years ago now, before you had even met John. I found it intriguing.” 

    And just like that, -with Sherlock’s ego being what it was- he decided that she was good enough for 221C and also, possibly, sometimes, 221B Baker Street.

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