It's Almost an obsession . . . . . .

They all have an obsession, Melissa, Sherlock, John, Mrs.Hudson... all of them. No one ever admits when they are really obsessed, they are all 'almost obsessed.' Its Almost an obsession...


5. Chapter five..

    John - 

    John found it surprising how open Sherlock was to the idea of another human being living at 221. Mrs.Hudson had been delighted, as she saw it as an opportunity for Sherlock to ‘integrate himself with the female sex’. Anyway, it was arranged by John and Mrs.Hudson that Melissa would come back the next day to start unpacking and to finalise the rent details. 

    As John got ready for bed, he heard the dulcet tones of Sherlock’s violin drifting upstairs to his room. He smiled, remembering those first few days he had spent at 221b, when Sherlock had first played for him. 

    John blushed, and then sighed, recalling how everyone had thought - and still did - that he and Sherlock were secretly a gay couple. The idea made him laugh and cringe at the same time, and besides, he was sure that Sherlock was asexual anyways. 


*(asexual = a person who has no sexual feelings or desires.)


John hoped that Sherlock might find happiness in another individual.


    It would do him a lot of good to be in love.  Thought John, laughing at the idea. 


    He went to sleep still thinking about what would happen if Sherlock ever fell in love, and how weird it would be.




    The next day, John woke late and heard the voices of Mrs.Hudson and Melissa downstairs. 


    Oh Crap! He thought I’m supposed to be helping Mrs.Hudson finalise the arrangements for Melissa!


John rushed to get dressed, carelessly running a hand through his hair as he pulled on a pair of trousers whilst trying to clean his teeth at the same time. The result was a cute, messy looking John, which was a very rare sight. Not the cute bit, just the messy. 


    “Good morning Melissa!” He exclaimed as he entered the living room.

    “John! How lovely you are awake at last!” Her face lit up in an amazingly genuine smile that made John blush. 

    “I apologise  for the state of me, but I only just woke up.” 

    “No,no. It’s fine, I had a bit of a hectic morning myself.”


    John then wandered off to make the tea, leaving Mrs.Hudson and Melissa alone in the room, as Sherlock for some strange reason didn't seem to be awake yet. 

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