Big City, Little Girls

Brianna and her best friend Shay take on the big city of Los Angeles all by themselves at 17

Will they find love in the city of angels??


3. Roadtrip Day 1

The week went by dreadfully slow Bri. Finally the day came where Bri and Shay got out of school. They spent all day Friday packing everything they could get inside Bri's tiny little sports car. Friday night shay's parents came by and said their goodbyes and be safe. So that night Shay could spend the night with Bri then leave for the trip Saturday. Bri's mom woke them both up that morning and said," today's the day of the trip you know if you still wanna go." "What," Bri said shocked. "It's just that my baby's growing up now and is leaving but no need to worry I will be out to visit next week." Bri's mom said apologetically. "Wait," her mom called after Bri. "Your brother is already there at the house were renting, it's the one you looked at online he looked at it and thought everything looked good so we rented it." Bri's mom added. "Well get dressed then we will head out for breakfast," Bri got dressed in what was left of her now bare room. She wore a tie dyed Shirt with comfy black leggings for the drive along with her black converses.They then left and headed to IHOP for a breakfast with their parents. When they arrived around 6 at IHOP they pulled in the parking lot and went in. Their parents talked about safety, don't drive if thy feel sleepy and watching their speed. Shay finally said, "I can't believe were actually gonna be able to do this. They finished breakfast and got in the car. They were finally ready to get this adventure started. Bri stopped first at a Starbucks for a grande coffee stop then they decided to drive the southern route instead of the straight through route. They wanted to see as much of the country as possible. They drove three hours first through North Carolina making their first stop right before they entered South Carolina in Charlotte for another coffee stop. Bri decided coffee would be her best friend during the drive. Shay kept trying to find radio station every so many miles then they kept conversations up about living in LA and then places to visit. Bri got her camera out the one she was gonna use to document the entire trip. For lunch they had planned to eat in Atlanta but decided they need something before then. They made a stop in Greenville, South Carolina for a fast food snack and also Bri needed to fill up on gas. Then they were back on the road. Finally it was nearly 2:30 and they were a couple miles outside of Atlanta when traffic hit. They sat completely still in traffic listening to car horns and eventually moving once every 15 minutes. Finally the traffic cleared some and they moved on in search lunch. Bri got her camera out once again and said, "finally were moving again guys." But as soon as they were inside Atlanta traffic hit again only worse this time. Bri and Shay sat motionless for what seemed like an eternity. They found lunch around 3:45. After that Bri let Shay drive some. As Bri toss her keys toward Shay, Bri got in the passenger side. "Do you know how to drive my car," Bri questioned Shay. "Of course I can drive a car," Shay argued back. "But you do know my car accelerates really quick so barely ease on the gas," Bri tried to explain. Shay slightly touched the gas and sent them forward quickly then she went on the brake making them fly forward but stop due to their seat belts. "No way, I'm not dying before I get to LA. your not driving," Bri said quickly. They both laughed it off because Bri recorded the whole thing accidentally on her camera. Shay proved she could handle the car and got out on to the road and drove smoothly until they needed to stop again. Shay eased off and turned into a gas station in Birmingham, Alabama wear they vlogged some for Bri's YouTube. It was around 6:45 when they got to Birmingham and they figured they could drive to the next city before stopping for dinner. They found dinner along the way at some roadside diner. They ended up making it to Jackson, Mississippi around 10:30 before calling it a night. "Where do you wanna stay the night at," Bri asked. "We can find a hotel for like 30 dollars maybe," Shay suggested. "Uh no, no, no I can't sleep somewhere without feeling safe and secure," Bri argued. "Well you can go stay safe and secure in some fancy hotel and I will sleep in your fancy car in the parking lot," Shay said trying not to laugh. "There's a sign for an embassy suites their rooms are mic and they have great breakfast I have stayed there before." Bri suggested. They agreed Shay payed for the hotel with the card tier parents gave them to pay for travel expenses while Bri parked they got a small bag with just stuff for one night. Bri plugged in her laptop and started editing today's vlog so she could upload it before she went to bed. She sat her laptop to automatically upload while she slept. She looked at the bottom corner of the computer screen and realized it was nearly 11. She decided to call her mom and tell her they had parked for the night. She has talked to her mom earlier that day when they stopped in Charlotte and when they stopped for gas. Her mom required her to call every time they stopped. She said goodnight and went to bed.

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