Big City, Little Girls

Brianna and her best friend Shay take on the big city of Los Angeles all by themselves at 17

Will they find love in the city of angels??


1. Meet Bri

Brianna woke up early on Tuesday morning. Not because it was a school day but because today was her 17th birthday. She really didn't have anything planned yet. There was only one thing she had been asking her parents for since she was 13. Her dream was to pack up her small town Virginia life and spend the summer in Los Angeles. Just Brianna and one of her best friends Shay. Bri then rolled over and grabbed her phone and started reading some of her happy birthday messages. Not very many people call Brianna bri except her really close friends. Then she got on twitter where she had 6k followers, now she has became quite a popular youtuber and dancer. There were thousands of happy birthday tweets and DMs. She tried to reply to most of the DMs. She finally got enough courage to pull herself out of bed and get ready to go to public schooling. yay. She decided to go dressed up to school today in a white flows shirt tucked into a blue skater skirt. she then put her naturally curly hair down and headed downstairs to find no one home. typical she thought to herself but she atleast thought her family would take off to spend her birthday with her but no. While she was down stairs she found a note from her mom saying. "Happy birthday Sweetie I cant believe your finally 17 wow. I had to leave for work earlier but we are gonna have you a birthday diner later today so you can invite a few friends it's gonna be at PF Changs I will see you there tonight at 6. Call me when you get from school have a great day" well that's weird bri thought. her mom usually doesn't invite a few friends to ride 2 hours to go out to eat but bri didn't think much about it. Well I'm closer to being an independent woman bri thought. Bri then texted Shay telling her she was on her way to pick her up. They lived about 10 minutes away from each other so Bri drove Shay to school bc Shay had a late birthday and the school didn't give her a parking spot bc she didn't have her license in time. After a short drive in Bri's matte black 2010 Audi R8 she arrived at Shays. "happy birthday idiot" Shay told bri as she got in the car. "Thanks I always love hearing your warm welcomes in the morning," bri sarcastically told Shay. Bri told Shay about the note from this morning and invited her to dinner. Shay agreed and the girls pulled into a mcdonalds for a quick coffee stop before school. they finished their drinks parked at school and started the day. During the day Bri invited her other best friend since 6th grade and her guy best friend since kindergarten. they all agreed to meet after school to drive to PF Changs. The school day went along dreadfully wondering what her mom had planned. After the first bell rang Bri gathered her stuff and met with her friends and which they agreed they were all gonna drive down to the city 2 hours away and maybe get alittle shopping done. So that's what they did Bri called her mom and told her their plans. Around 4:30 they arrived at the mall area where PF Changs sits. Some reason today the traffic wasn't bad and Bri didn't get lost so alls going well. They walked around looking in stores and getting a few things bc her mom added some extra money to her debit card for her birthday. at quarter till six they started heading towards the one of Bri's all time favorite restaurants PF Changs. She got there only to find her mom and her brother were already there so their waitress sat them down at a table and they had small talk and ate until Bri's mom said she had an announcement.....

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