Big City, Little Girls

Brianna and her best friend Shay take on the big city of Los Angeles all by themselves at 17

Will they find love in the city of angels??


2. Getting the News

"I can't believe it my baby's all grow up," Brianna's mom started off. "well i know there has been one thing you have been asking for as a 17th birthday present and I have been denying it for a while. But I'm gonna have to face it that my baby's growing up." Then she handed me a card and Bri opened it very confused. When Bri opened it and read it at the very end it had an acceptation letter to a dance intensive school she had applied to in downtown Los Angeles. The expression on her face was priceless. "There's a little more I'm gonna trust you and your brother to go by yourself. I will fly out and spend sometime with you and make sure you get settled in the house were renting. Well your renting bc I know you've been saving money for years for this trip. One more thing Shay I have talked to your parents and as long as there is a responsible adult your parents are okay with you going, but both of you girls need I find jobs to support yourselves while your their too." Shay and Bri looked at each other and realize used they are gonna travel across the country and live out a dream of their lives. "Wow I can't began to explain how thankful I am, wow," Bri stated nearly in tears from the excitement. After they finished dinner they drive home. Bri went to bed playing music off her phone. Then Social Casualty by 5 Seconds of Summer.

Just a girl turned 18

She ran away to chase her dreams.

And they said she wouldn't make it far.

She took a chance and packed her bags

She left town and didn't look back

So tired of wishing on the stars

Thats when Bri realized she was done wishing on stars and she wasn't gonna be a social casualty.

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