Bullied By One Direction

This story is about how poor Anna-Bell Smith being bullied and abused at school and at home. Her bullies are Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam. Her 3 brothers that are older and her 2 sluty older sisters and parents abuse her. They don't give 2 shits about poor Anna-Bell. She's he nerd and her siblings are the popular people of school. She is the baby because her siblings and her are twins. First was Austin, Troy, Brett, Ashley, Brooke and then little Anna-Bell. Before everything, she was loved. Her parents and siblings would get along and call her Bell, Anne, Anna, Bella, Isabell, Isabella, Issy, FiFi, Fee, Anna-Bella, and baby girl. What will happen when she falls for one of her bullies? What will happen when her bullies leave then become famous? Read to find out!


5. 5

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Niall and I walk to my house, to talk to my mom and how I didn't come home last night. The walk wasn't long. Louis and I live next to each other. Niall and I walk up to the front door and I ring the door bell. I heard someone say coming. It's probably Ashley or Brooke. I can't tell by their voice. We're all twins. My brothers Austin, Troy, Brett and then my sisters, Ashley, Brooke and then me. I'm the baby of the family. I saw the door open to Ashley and Brooke, standing their looking at me and Niall.

"Mom! That bitch is here!" Brooke yelled.

"Well get that damn cunt in here!" She yelled back. Ashley pulled me by the sleeve of my shirt. I grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him with me.

"Why the He---llo Niall. What a lovely surprise. Why are you here? Need Brooke or Ashley? Or one of the boys?" My "Mum" asked.

"Well, I'm here with my girlfriend, telling you that she's staying with me" He said to my mum. The look on my mums face was priceless.

"Who's your girlfriend?" She asked.

"Anna-Bell. She's my girlfriend" He said, then kissed my cheek. I smiled and mind linked him


'Your welcome, Anna.'

'But where am I going to stay?'

'With Liam, Zayn and I silly'

'Wait, you live with Liam and Zayn?'

'I thought you knew that. Liam and I moved in with Zayn 2 years ago.'

'I didn't know Liam moved. That's why I never saw him in the morning. Only Louis'


'Thanks Niall. This means a lot'

'Your welcome'

"Oh, well yeah she can stay with you. Why do you love her?" My mum said.

"MOM!" I shouted. Niall laughed. I smiled.

"Because, she's all mine. She's awesome, cut, hot, funny, nice, and very sweet" He said. I stared at him for a minute. I saw him looking at me, then my lips then back to my eyes. I nodded and he pulled me closer. I felt him lips on mine and I kissed back. I felt arms pull me away. I looked to see Brooke.

"Let go of her" Niall said.

"No. I should be with you, not this slut" She said.

"Fucking let go of her, so we can pack her stuff" He said, a little calmer. Brooke let me go and Niall rapped his arms around me, "If I see any of you near her, your dead"

"B-" Ashley started but I cut her off

"No but's Ashley. You and Brooke always take my boyfriends and best friends away from me. I hate you for that. Niall's mine now, not yours and not in a million years. Got it bitch!" I yelled at them. Ashley and Brooke looked taken back for a moment.

"Good for you bitch. Hope to never see you ever again!" Ashley yelled. Brooke came up to me and slapped me.

"Anna lets go pack your stuff" Niall said. I nodded. I walked upstairs with Niall and went into my old room. I grabbed 3 suit cases and packed my clothes in, while Niall packed my toiletries. That's probable a bad idea....oh well. Niall came out with one suit case filled with my stuff. I just got done, packing my stuff.

"I'm done." I said. He nodded and grabbed two out of my three suit cases.

"Their mine. Lets me grab this one" I said. I pulled one out of his hands and held it, while I held the other as well.

"Fine. Lets go" He said. I nodded and walked out. I went down stairs and Niall followed. I wen outside and walked side by side with him. We both walked up to the door and walked in. I set my bags down and sat on a chair.

"Looks like their back" Someone said behind me. I turned to see..........

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