Bullied By One Direction

This story is about how poor Anna-Bell Smith being bullied and abused at school and at home. Her bullies are Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam. Her 3 brothers that are older and her 2 sluty older sisters and parents abuse her. They don't give 2 shits about poor Anna-Bell. She's he nerd and her siblings are the popular people of school. She is the baby because her siblings and her are twins. First was Austin, Troy, Brett, Ashley, Brooke and then little Anna-Bell. Before everything, she was loved. Her parents and siblings would get along and call her Bell, Anne, Anna, Bella, Isabell, Isabella, Issy, FiFi, Fee, Anna-Bella, and baby girl. What will happen when she falls for one of her bullies? What will happen when her bullies leave then become famous? Read to find out!


1. 1

"Get away Bitch! Don't you see, that no one wants you hear!" My big sister Ashley yelled at me. 

Hi, I'm Anna-Bell. You can call me, Anna, Anne, Bella, Bell, Isabell, Isabella, FiFi, Fee, Anna-Bella, Annie and baby girl. Not many people call me baby girl anymore when I hit high school. As you can tell, I'm hated by my family. I don't know why, but I am. I started to fall more into the nerd side. I got glasses and braces. My sisters and slut's. They are popular, so are my brothers, Austin, Troy and Brett. Ashley and Brooke are mean to me and everyone but my parents and brothers. My mom and dad well, I shouldn't really call them mom and dad, more like Riley and Andrew. Everyone either has an A or and R in their name. I have an A, no R's. I have an A name like my so called "father". Ashley, Austin and I have A name's. Troy, Brett and Brooke have R name's after my so called "mother". I go to Lake-Wood High, and I'm a senior. I have 5 bullies, that bully me constant. Their name's are Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. Did I mention that I live in between Louis and Liam? No? Well you know now. I've lived in Doncaster all my life. Would you believe that If I told you that; Once Louis and I we're best friends? No? Well you better believe it, because it's true. He was my first friend here. He was so kind ad funny, then he met Harry and Zayn, then it started going down hill. Liam and Niall where friends but not my best friend like Louis was. My 3 friends turned on me for Harry and Zayn. I Miss then badly. They still talk to me, but only if they're beating me up. Zayn, and Liam are really strong, while Louis can be but not really; And Niall and Harry, they don't much of the punching, they mostly through insults. My "family" only throw's insults, they don't really punch or kick only slap, but nothing bad.

"Yes, I'm sorry Ashley. I'm going to my room now" I said. She pushed past me and headed down to the kitchen. I walked up to my room and closed and locked my door. I logged on my computer to see 2 mssage's on Face Book. I logged on and went to read the message's. They're from Zayn and Liam. Great, now they have my Face Book name. Nice! (Sarcasm)
The Message's said,

To Anna-Bell (A.K.A Sluty Fat Whore)

u Bitch, can't wait to fuck your face up even more! Are you crying now? Boo Hoo! Haha! Your such a cry baby! Everyone is better then you, even your sisters are! What happened to you? Louis, Liam and Niall said how nice and wonderful you were then something happened when you hit High School! Oh that's right! You became a NERD!! A no friend loser! WHY can't you just die already? Like really; Do us all a favor and kill your self or go missing! Please for the life of god! PLEASE!
3:24 Pm
From The Hottie (A.K.A Bradford Bad Boi)

To Anna-Bell

Your such a fuck up! What the hell happened to you? Like really? You we're nice, pretty and slim! But now look at you; You became Fat, Ugly and a Lier! You we're once my friend, then we're not. Why? You we're good but now, your bad. You lie about everything, about having abusive parents and a family that doesn't care about you! Everyone knows that your family is really nice. They're the one's who helps people at the park buy getting food for home-less people. Well, I'm done writing! I don't need to buy a new computer! Bye Fuck Up!
3:30 Pm
From BatMan (A.K.A Perfect)

"ANNA-BELLE! GET YOUR ASS IN BED FOR SCHOOL TOMORROW!" My mom yelled upstairs. I changed into my P.J's. and climbed into bed. I turned off my lamp and drifted off into a deep, dark sleep.


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