Lilo and stitch: the rise of darkness

There was a talent show in kawai and lilo and Victoria want to sing together. But what song will they sing?
Will lilos song unlock mysteries of her past, singing with her family?

Who is the new threat in kawai? And will lilos song actually stop this new threat from happening?

Find out in lilo and stitch: the rise of darkness


1. Lilos dream

Lilos dream)

Lilo: w-where am I?

???: your in a dream, my child

Lilo looked up and saw a creature she never saw before.

Lilo: who are you?

???: I am Cresselia a pokemon of dreams.

Lilo: don't want to be rude but why are you here? 
Cressilia: I'm here to give you a warning and my story of why I'm here in your dreams

Cresselias story)
40 years ago, there was 2 ancient warriors, who saves everyone from disasters,
There was 2 people who was those warriors, lani and Steve, they saved the weak from the creature arceus, who created the pokemon world, maybe even hawaii too.

Lilo: and why am I hearing this? No offence

Cresselia: well, my dear lilo, you are the chosen one,
Lilo: come again???
Cresselia: *chuckles* I'm serious, your the chosen one.

Your mission is to stop the evil team rocket leader Giovanni 

His team is stealing all of the meteors from the place "chaos island".

Lilo: chaos island?

Cresselia: yes, a place where everyone comes together to see those meteors fly up in space. A rare event indeed but that event won't commence unless all the meteors are together but team rocket kept on stealing them. You need to stop this madness before it goes out of control.

Lilo: should I tell my family about this?
Cresselia: it's safe to say, no, it's too dangerous for them to come along and your the only one that can stop the evils. Your the 'chosen one', however, I hear that you live with this, 'jumbo,pleakley and the experiments' no?

Lilo: well... Yes. And I know a few people in space, the galactic federation. 
The grand council woman, reuben and gantu. Those guys are strong. They could help me. 

Cresselia: well, I suppose after all. You do need guidance.
Lilo: and nani is at her friends house with David.

Cresselia: okay it's settled. Get your team together, and meet me on mt. moon near the light house, you'll see what I mean. *disappear*

Lilo blinked. What was all that mean?

Lilo woke up and walked in the kitchen, 
Jumba: good morning little girl, nani left for her friends house so she won't be here for a while and she told us to look after you. 

Pleakley: *reading a newspaper* ooh, a meteor shower, fascinating.

Lilo: what??? Meteor shower- 

Stitch: good morning, 

(Lilo saw stitch and gave him a hug)

Stitch: huh, meega miss something?

Lilo: na, but you should've seen my dream I had.

Jumba: whats do you mean little girl?

Lilo: a weird creature called Cresselia came in my dreams, and the funniest thing is 
She said i was the chosen one.

Jumba: really?
Pleakley: fascinating. But why you?

Lilo: well, I'm not sure but she said i was because I had this mysterious power that no one has to stop this team 'rocket'. 

Jumba was about to reply when he got a message from a galactic federation member

Female member: jumba you, lilo,pleakley and stitch have to come to the ship, 
The grand councilwoman needs you for something. *message out*

In the ship

Grand councilwoman: I suppose you are wondering why your here?

Stitch: ih,
reuben: well, let me tell them grand councilwoman.
*she nods*

Reuben: apparently in the legend of the ancient warrior, those who save the weak....
*reuben explains the story to them and surprisingly lilo has heard of it*

Lilo: *thinking* this is the same story Cresselia was telling me. Could it mean i really am a chosen one. Does it mean my dream wasnt just a dream?

Reuben: hello. Earth to lilo, you in there * waves his hands in lilos face*

Lilo snapped out of her thinking and said yes.

Gantu: you look like you knew the story.

Lilo: that was because I heard it in my dreams. Apparently I'm the chosen one.

Everyone was shocked. No one knew lilos dream or what happened so it was surprising to them.

Grand councilwoman: shes right.

Everyone looked at her with a surprised look.

Nosy: it's true I heard the whole thing.

Bonnie: why her. Why couldn't it be me. I got the whole package. I'm perfect.

Clyde: pfft.. Yeah right.. If your so perfect, how come you were in the slammer
Bonnie: no I wasn't. I'm perfect and beautiful and you all know it.
Fibber: *beeped* *everyone laughed*
Clyde: *laughed* I don't think fibber thinks so.
Bonnie: grr. I'll hunt you down, I'll mangle you.

Lilo: so... I'm the one to save the universe?

Grand councilwoman: yes you are lilo, it may be tough but you can do it. Your the only one here that can handle it.

Everyone: that's right lilo 

Lilo looked on as everyone was cheering for her then tears fell down her cheek.
Lilo: *cried* th-thank you everyone. But what if...I mess up?

Angel: naga... You can do it... Ih... Meega know you can.
Stitch agree with angel.. Your our achie baba.
Jumba: yes little girl... They're right.. You saved the universe before... You are the hero, Why not now?

Lilo: well... *sniffed* I never saved it alone before... I'm scared something might happen... I'm afraid the world would be gone.... I mean..... I'm too weird... 

Reuben suddenly yelled.


Everyone looked at him in shock. He never yelled. Sometimes he does but not regularly.

Reuben: everyone.... has fears that they worry too much.. We all need to conquer them. 
I'm sick and tired of you putting yourself down like this... You need to know your important.... 
You know what I would do If I feel down?

Lilo: make sandwiches and eat them, and be sarcastic towards gantu?

Reuben *chuckles* no.. Close but no.. What I would do is think about the ones who love me and forget the ones who don't... Strange for me to say that but it's true...

Everyone looked at him in shock...

Lilo: *shocked* reuben.... That was amazing... Your very smart you know... *she gave him a big hug*

Reuben:*hugs back* well... I learnt that from you lilo.... You taught me that there's more to life than sandwiches.

Grand councilwoman: well, I think it's time to head out. 

Lilo: wait, I got told by Cresselia to meet her at mt. Moon near the lighthouse. But I'm not sure where that is.

Jumba: HA... Evil genius here has created the map to find this place, evil genius no?

Lilo: *excitedly* really..thats awesome jumba, your the best..
Pleakley: I'm not sure you should go that far.. I mean, he created those little monsters and-.
* he saw the experiments angry faces* 
pleakley: I'll stop now *chuckles nervously*

Lilo looked at the sky 

Lilo: *thinking* so this is what being a chosen one feels like, so many friends to make, new rivals and enemie, new challenges, But I shouldn't worry, my Ohana is coming with me. I know this would be so fun. Mt. Moon here I come.

What will lilo and her ohana face? Will she gain confidence and become a destined chosen one?

Stay tuned and find out....

To be continued....

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