50 Ways To Die With Dolores Umbridge

Who doesn't want Dolores Umbridge to die? Me and my friend, Hermione, have written the top ways that she should die. Love, Luna Lovegood.

I'm Hermione Granger, and I helped write this awesome story about Dolores Umbridge's many deaths! Because I hate her. She is Satan. Enjoy this story! BYE!

Hello! I am Sophie! I translated the ruins Luna and Hermione sent me. I hope you enjoy. Warning!!!- Multiple fandom references included


7. The Left Shark Can Not Dance

Alright so you know how she is back, right? Well, of course you do! Anyway, shall we see her die again? YES WE SHALL!

Dolores was working in her office at the Ministry when she got a call to attend the Quidditch World Cup. She was not much for Quidditch, but Fudge would be there. She put on her fluffy pink jacket and apparated to the pitch. She enjoyed most of the game, but then the halftime show came on and there were two dancing sharks. The left one dances so badly Dolores got disgusted and puked until she died. 


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