50 Ways To Die With Dolores Umbridge

Who doesn't want Dolores Umbridge to die? Me and my friend, Hermione, have written the top ways that she should die. Love, Luna Lovegood.

I'm Hermione Granger, and I helped write this awesome story about Dolores Umbridge's many deaths! Because I hate her. She is Satan. Enjoy this story! BYE!

Hello! I am Sophie! I translated the ruins Luna and Hermione sent me. I hope you enjoy. Warning!!!- Multiple fandom references included


1. My Math Teacher Gives Dolores Umbridge Ebola

It was a normal Sunday night. Dolores Umbridge was in the Muggle World looking for an escaped warlock. She believes she has found him, but it's actually Mr. Cherry, an abnormally Neville Longbottom-like (mid fourth year) man who taught geometry at a Muggle highschool. Now, you see, Mr. Cherry was in a extreme case of not-wellness. He was too stubborn to go to the doctor, and he just assumed he had the flu. BUT NO! IT WAS FREAKING EBOLA! Dolores sat down with him and made him tea to help with the "flu", as he was so evilly evil, only she could actually like him. So yeah.

So Mr. Cherry coughed spit onto Dolores multiple times. She then apparated into her home, where she started to feel ill. Three week later, she had a rash, was crying blood, and died. The End... or is it?

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