50 Ways To Die With Dolores Umbridge

Who doesn't want Dolores Umbridge to die? Me and my friend, Hermione, have written the top ways that she should die. Love, Luna Lovegood.

I'm Hermione Granger, and I helped write this awesome story about Dolores Umbridge's many deaths! Because I hate her. She is Satan. Enjoy this story! BYE!

Hello! I am Sophie! I translated the ruins Luna and Hermione sent me. I hope you enjoy. Warning!!!- Multiple fandom references included


5. Maybe it's fate...?

So yeah. Do I really have to explain how she's still alive? Once upon a time, there was a fair maiden by the name of Delia Umbridge. Her birth name was Delia Riddle, but her father married a wicked stepmother with two sweet daughters and one evil one. Her father remained Marvolo Riddle Sr., but he made her take the Umbridge name. The two sweet daughters, Charity and Minerva, accepted Delia, but the wicked daughter, Dolores, tried to make her life a living hell. "MOM! Dolores won't let Delia come with us to the ball!!!" screamed Charity. Charity and Minerva were Delia's best friends, but Dolores, the eldest sister, had the final say in what happened around the house of Umbridge. So Delia could not go to the ball. As she sat home alone, crying into her pinto beans, the most magical thing happened. "Darling, what is wrong? I am your fairy god-father person guy, Wormtail the best Pettigrew ever," said a plump man who just apparated into her kitchen dressed as a fairy. "AHHHHHH! EWWWW!!!! WHO ARE YOU, and HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE???" Delia screeched. "Relax. I'm her to get you to the ball," Wormtail responded. And then Dolores appeared. "WHAT DID YOU DO, you DRAB LITTLE SLOB!!!" But Delia was then gone. She was at the ball... "You did this," Dolores growled at Wormtail. "Obviously," he giggled, and then..., she exploded. "Peruvian death powder. Works every time!" T H E E N D . . . OR IS IT?

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