50 Ways To Die With Dolores Umbridge

Who doesn't want Dolores Umbridge to die? Me and my friend, Hermione, have written the top ways that she should die. Love, Luna Lovegood.

I'm Hermione Granger, and I helped write this awesome story about Dolores Umbridge's many deaths! Because I hate her. She is Satan. Enjoy this story! BYE!

Hello! I am Sophie! I translated the ruins Luna and Hermione sent me. I hope you enjoy. Warning!!!- Multiple fandom references included


6. It's Black and Blue!! No, It's White And Gold

Okay, so I'm going to refresh your memory. Cornelius Fudge fell in love with the devil (AKA Madame/Professor Dolores Umbridge.) He uses the resurrection stone. You know the deal. So anyways, Dolores was shopping and she found a really ugly dress. With her nature, of course she had to buy it. So she went home, and put on her ugly dress to go to a party with Mr. Cornelius Fudge, her amigo. So when she get's to the party, a man comes up to her. 

"I love that blue and black dress you're wearing!" he tells her. 

"Oh shut up, you slob! It's obviously, like, white and gold!" Dolores replied. 

Everyone agreed that the dress was blue and black, except for Dolores. She remained positive that the dress was white and gold, but since it was clearly black and blue, the power and magic of the dress destroyed her. 


Or is it... really? Can she just stay dead? Probably not..........

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