50 Ways To Die With Dolores Umbridge

Who doesn't want Dolores Umbridge to die? Me and my friend, Hermione, have written the top ways that she should die. Love, Luna Lovegood.

I'm Hermione Granger, and I helped write this awesome story about Dolores Umbridge's many deaths! Because I hate her. She is Satan. Enjoy this story! BYE!

Hello! I am Sophie! I translated the ruins Luna and Hermione sent me. I hope you enjoy. Warning!!!- Multiple fandom references included


3. 5 Legs, 4 Eyes, and 2 1/2 Working Pairs of Lungs

We've been over this. Cornelius Fudge. Resurrection Stone. Satan. 

Dolores was driving her Moped along the side of a cliff. Why? She...

Well, she...

You know, I honestly have no clue...


Who's read The Fault in Our Stars? So you know in movie where Augustus says that between the three of them (Isaac, Hazel, and Gus), they have 5 legs, 4 eyes, and 2 and 1/2 working pairs of lungs? Well, those three just happened to have two dozen eggs and were standing on that very cliff. So here's how it goes on the cliff. Umbridge is Mopeding along on the edge, and Issac is throwing eggs to hear them go splat. Well, due to the fact that Isaac kinda was blinded by cancer, he wasn't a great aim. So after about 5 tosses, he smacked Dolores's head. She parked her Moped, and started yelling at him. He threw another egg, hitting her squarely in the forehead. Shocked, she stumbles back to fall off the edge of the cliff, to her most certain death.

The end...





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