Why me ?

Hey I'm Lurda Irwin I'm 17 and my brother is Ashton Irwin and we haven't seen each other for 7 years due to our parents divorce thats until a horrible tragedy is bestowed upon me.


8. Why?

lurdas POV

Why is this all happening to me ? It was already 3am and vanessa was sleeping beside me , i had the urge to ise the blade and i knew where it was. It was tucked into my book An Apperial Affliction. I quietly moved from under the blanket trying not to wake vanessa up and i quickly scanned the row of books intil i found it. 

I had a few in my book but i got the sharpest one and started to push it down against my skin , every cut had a story behind it , but i didn't want this to leave a story behind it . I started to drag it deeper until tears started falling down until there was no point i instantly made a deep rigid cit along my whole arm  . At this point i was balling my eyes from the pain all i wanted to do was to forget about every thing ,i put paper on the cut to stop most of the bleeding but i didn't have any bandages. I grabbed my hoodie and slipped on my converses and grabbed money and started to climb down the side of the house against the twisted vines. 


The pharmacy came into view and it was still opened , i went in and found the bandages  and went to the queue and i was looking around until i saw the guys were here as well. I REALLY didn't want them to see me but it will be hard to not notice if your hair is brightly dyed blue and purple , i threw on my hood and ticked my hair inside it as i walked to the  cashier i put the money down cause i knew the giys were literally behind me "keep the change ." I whispered amd ran off but ended up bumping into someone which made my hood fall down " watch were your going !" I said and looke up to see luke standing there "oh sorry ..... Lurda?" He spoke  surprised , i looked over to see the other guys now walking towards us. " sorry i really need to go !" I whispered while shrugging lukes hand off my wrist which was still killing me now , he loosened his grip and i ran home.  

Lukes POV

"Lurda wait up !" I shouted while running up to her but my hand felt wet , i looked down at it to see it was covered in blood . Lurda's bleeding . I kept running after her while the guys waited back at the shops . 

I was still running after her until she slowed down and slowly collapsed on the ground " lurda!" I shouted but she didn't respond, i ran up to her to see that shes gone pale ." Lurda whats wrong ?" I whispered to her she didn't have her phone on her so i decided to call it hoping vanessa would pick it up. " vanessa quickly come to rush-stone street quickly lurdas bleeding !" I quickly declined the call and started to look at where she was bleeding , i saw her sleeve was now drenched in blood . I quickly removed her hoodie to see many scars all along 

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