Why me ?

Hey I'm Lurda Irwin I'm 17 and my brother is Ashton Irwin and we haven't seen each other for 7 years due to our parents divorce thats until a horrible tragedy is bestowed upon me.


11. What ?

Ashton's POV

"This is all because of me , i know it is . If only i was there for her the past 7 years ." I sighed while collapsing to the ground ." Then where were you ?" She asked me while sitting down next to me ." I have no clue , i guess im just a bad brother to ignore her all completely !" I said while rubbing my eyes dry.


Luke's POV

"Mmmmmmmhhhhmm." I heard Lurda mumble something which made me and Vanessa shoot up and somehow Ashton appeared here . "Where am i ?" Lurda now sat up looking around the room. " what are you doing here? Why are you here ?" She shiffled backwards at the sight of ashton.

"Lurda calm down , its okay its okay ." Vanessa said while looking at her.

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