Why me ?

Hey I'm Lurda Irwin I'm 17 and my brother is Ashton Irwin and we haven't seen each other for 7 years due to our parents divorce thats until a horrible tragedy is bestowed upon me.


13. trapped

lurda's POV

i want to believe that he is my brother , but i'm finding it hard to believe that hes my brother and ALIVE!!!!

"what are you thinking?" Vanessa ask while shuffling closer towards me

" i don't want to believe this , if he really was my brother why would he leave me and not even try to get in contact with me ? where were you when i needed you the most Ashton!" i started raising my voice as tears started streaming down my face  

" don't you think i tried to ? i tried everyday to get in contact with you , mum told me that you were kidnapped , what was i supposed to do , i did everything to see and hear you again lurda! that's why i'm trying to make it up to you again , why wont you just believe me !" ashton yelled back slowly getting closer until we were face to face 

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