Why me ?

Hey I'm Lurda Irwin I'm 17 and my brother is Ashton Irwin and we haven't seen each other for 7 years due to our parents divorce thats until a horrible tragedy is bestowed upon me.


4. Stress level rising

Lurdas POV

he looked at me weirdly and then spoke up " you seem like an interesting person ." He replied my eyes gazed down ate my laptop and noticed the time which ment my break was over and I had to start my shirt now. GREAT!

"I'm sorry Hemming's but my break is over but maybe talk next time ?" With that I shut my laptop and grabbing my papers and shoving them in my bag. "Yeah ,umm here is my number if you wanna hang out or talk sometime ."he gave me my notebook with his number on it and walked back to the other guys. 

Luke's POV 

wow that ended quickly but at least ingot to know her a bit like shreds a lot of books and draws pretty good too. I walked back to the guys who we're talking about the tour. "Umm ,Ashton do you have any siblings by any chance ?" I asked him while staring at him. He looked shocked at me and answered "umm I actually don't remember if I do ,1 sec."

he walked away and called his mom to ask her I'm guessing. He came a few minutes later back to us with eyes wide dated towards me. 

Ashton's POV

Luke , what that girls name ?" I asked while I kept looking back at her. "Umm. Lurda , lurda Irwin , at first I thought she might be your sister but you never mentioned that your had one living in Australia ?" He said in a laughing tone until he saw my face. He froze at my expression and he knew what I thought "oh shit she's your sister!"he shouted out making Michael and Calum jump up in shock. 

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