Why me ?

Hey I'm Lurda Irwin I'm 17 and my brother is Ashton Irwin and we haven't seen each other for 7 years due to our parents divorce thats until a horrible tragedy is bestowed upon me.


14. really?

lurda's POV

"i just don't understand why dad would lie to me like that , i trusted him the most but , i cant believe he would say something like this." i say putting my head in my hands , i could feel Ashton wrap his arms around me into a hug , i can admit i really miss his hugs it felt as if i lost something so precious to me and i finally found it.

"lurda i promise i will never leave you again ever." he whispered in my ear which made me smile.

"i'm sorry i didn't believe you ash , i hope you could forgive me ?" i said looking up at him waiting for his reply.

"there's nothing to forgive lurda, but just please try to stop, this is the one thing that kills me badly ,especially if it's on your skin." i looked down at my arms and nodded .

we all fell asleep in my bedroom with everyone on the floor with a bunch of duvets and pillows all huddled together.

Luke's POV

i woke up with lurda's head on my chest and Vanessa's legs over Ashton with duvets and blankets surrounding us.

my hands were still covered in lurda's blood from last night, i just hope she keeps her promise that she made to ashton .

i messaged  the others to say that lurda was Ashton's sister and that there was an emergency and so on.

"who are you talking to ?" i looked up to see lurda awake with her colorful hair all over the place , her bright blue eyes weak looking weak and life less and yet her skin a pale white.

"i told the others were we were , anyway i thought you had dark brown eyes?" i asked putting my phone back in my pocket.

"oh , umm i wear contacts , i don't think my eyes look like a natural color so yeah ." i nodded and rested my head back on the pillow.

"just don't break your promise, ashton isn't the only one who cares about you."i said while lifting my head back up to see her .

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