This Is Us

The assassination of President Obama, spurs a mass war against several countries who plotted to kill the president, during a battle a group of 6 soldiers escape from the massacre of their fellow soldiers, and try to get back to America from behind enemy lines.


1. Breaking news

Sorry to interrupt your entertainment however every television in the United States Of America that is in use in this moment is receiving this broadcast, I'm Gerard Leicester the new president of this great country, today I come with grave news concerning this country and it's people. President Obama has been assassinated, him and his family, the assassination was performed by a hit man from Sweden, he has been questioned and brought to justice, he was hired by Percy Parey the dictator of France the cult leader of the kkk, Baseet Pushmir the Arabic extremist, and the Nazi Gang leader Geoff Lance in Australia, none of the countries holding these men are giving them up, instead they've declared war on the USA, so therefore we need to take immediate action on this state of affairs, every fit and able man or woman between the ages of 16 and 35 will be recruited by the armed forces of America, the only choice you have in this matter is which force you choose, army, navy, air force or marines. local Sheriffs will take charge of this and make sure you join up, if you are not physically able, you will be based in any of the following, public servant, cooks or farmers, intelligence, factory engineers or logistics. For the mentally incapable you will be labour workers, if you are to young or old, you have to keep on with your average lives without the men and women who are fighting so this country does not plunge into chaos and destruction. Anyone who publically or is caught supporting the opposition will be detained straight away. If this is the America I know we can work together to send the assholes straight to hell and win this war! The draft will begin tomorrow, hold your loved ones close, this will be a rough one. Out.

After this half the nation was weeping, the other half sat silently, Dalton Cox just stayed there staring at his television, whilst his mother fell into a fit of tears, It was his sixteenth birthday the next day, and one thing he didn't expect was to be dragged into a war, he was actually going to go and see his father in Texas who he only sees once a year. but that couldn't be the case, because if he did go he'd be recruited there, and if he stayed he'd be taken in where him and his mother lived in Minnesota, and he was a fairly fit guy he'd be brought in before he could board a plane. Dalton had no choice, on the next day he'd go in the evening to the local recruitment office and go to war.

I should probably explain Dalton Cox, he was tall white male, with short spikey ginger hair, he was an aspiring young musician who played bass and sang in a punk band called 'The Painted Arrows,' he had no ambition to be a soldier since he was ten, but I guess he had no choice. His parents had split up when he was six due to his father's drinking issues, which now he'd dealt with. His older sister had died when he was young from cancer, he had no other siblings, and very few friends, his only friends were James and Garry who would also be going to war. Dalton wasn't usually happy, but now, he just couldn't move, he wanted to die, he probably would, but not in the way he had ever hoped.

The next day Dalton walked miserably to the recruitment office with his bomber jacket and baggy jeans on, he met up with James along the way,

'hey dude,' James said lowly as he walked towards Dalton

'sup man,' Dalton replied,

'Not much, just walking to my inevitable suicide,' the boy groaned sarcastically,

'same,' Dalton did his best to chuckle at his friend's shit joke,

That was it really, they strolled silently to Garry's House, Garry was the oldest in the friend group, he was 21 and lived alone, they walked in, as James had a key, the walked round the house calling 'GARRY? GARRY?,'

James ran upstairs and screamed, Dalton followed along, he found Garry swinging by his neck from a rope, Dalton was sick.   

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