Bestfriend and Boyfriend

Hi I am Megan I am 17 and a half years old when I move back to Australia I think I fall in love with my old bestfriend.. Luke Hemmings


4. 4

(Megan's POV)

I woke up with the sound of my alarm.. Shit it's the first day of school! I hated school when I was here before I hope it's better now.. Luke, Cal, Mikey and Ash decided to also go back to school to make sure I was ok which I thought was sweet..

I went in the shower and washed my hair and my body, after that I got out and brushed my teeth I walked back into my bedroom and got dressed I wore my blank nirvana Tshirt and my light blue jeans that were ripped at the knees. Once I was dressed I dried and curled my hair I got in my white converse and walked over to Luke's house and walked in.. (He lets me walk in and I let him).

"Luke" I called. "Hey baby" he said walking over to me " hi babe u seem happy?" He nodded "I am", "and whys that?" I said . "I'm in every single one of ur classes I hugged him.. Thank god for that. The other three boys came over and welcomed me with hugs "ready to go?" Calum said. We all nodded and got in Luke's car and drove to school.

We walked in the school gates and I noticed some girls winking at the boys I giggled under my breath and Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulder. It felt weird to be back at school!

We walked to the office and got our locker combinations our lockers were right next to each other so that was cool.

"What do u have first" cal said. "English" me and Luke both replied in unison. "Me too" ash cal and Mikey said. "Cool we better get to class then" Luke said. He intertwined his fingers with mine and we all walked to class together. When we got there we got put into pairs and gladly I was with Luke. Calum was with Mikey and Ashton was with some kid called Luke Brooks.

Luke and I decided to sit at the very back of the classroom so we wouldn't get picked and we wouldn't really get noticed.

**skip to lunch**

"Wanna skip the rest of school can't be bothered" Michael said we all nodded. "Hey guys would it be ok if the other Luke tags along his brothers and their friends leave him out a lot" Ashton asked we all nodded and Luke came with us and we went back to Ashton's apartment.

"So Luke why don't u introduce urself" ashton said. He nodded " well err.. I'm Luke Brooks I have two brothers called Beau and Jai and we used to be really close but we have all fell apart." We all nodded that's pretty sad how his brothers single him out all of the time.. I think we should let him hang with us.. "Oh.. I'm sorry" I said. "It's ok I'm better off by myself life's easier" he said. " well u are welcome to hang around with us we go on tour in a couple if months but until then we will be here for u" luke said. " I knew I knew u guys from somewhere ur 5 seconds of summer right?" He asked. "Err yeh Megan's my girlfriend that's why she hangs around with us she's also our bestfriend and has been for ages" Luke said.

"Oh she's ur girlfriend" the other Luke said. "Yeh? Why?" Lukey questioned. "No reason just didn't think u guys were dating that's all" Luke said.

(Luke's POV)

"Megan can I talk to u for a minute?" I asked she nodded. "What's wrong baby?" She asked concerned. "I think the new guy likes u" I said. "Nah don't worry baby ur the only one I want" she said as she wrapped her hands around my waist. I wrapped my arms around her waist also. "Good don't wanna lose u" I said. " u won't baby" she said. I saw Ash,Cal,Mikey and the new guy walk in at the corner of my eye and I kissed Megan luckily she kissed me back because she didn't notice them come in. Ashton coughed "sorry to interrupt we were wondering if u wanted to go for pizza?" Ash asked. "Nah it's fine u go we will catch up" I smiled. "Ok let's go guys" Cal said. They all left and me and Megan stayed focused on each other "Luke why are u jealous of the other Luke?" Megan asked. "What? I'm not jealous" I said. "Luke I have known u for as long as I can remember I know ur jealous... And don't worry baby I'm all urs... I want u only u not Ashton not Calum not Mikey and not the other Luke." She said "it's just the way he was staring at u I knew he liked u I trust u not to do anything like that I'm just worried incase I lose u" I said. "Luke I promise u I will never leave u for anyone" she said. I nodded and leaned in..

(Megan's POV)

Luke leaned in and I could feel his warm minty breath against my lips. "I love u Luke Hemmings" I whispered. "I love u too Megan Gracie" he said back then he kissed me we moved our lips in sync he ran his tongue along my bottom lip asking for an entering I let him in and our tongues danced with each other he pulled away and started to kiss down my neck.

"Luke we better go get the others" I said. "Two more minutes" he said continuing to kiss down my neck. "Luke if we don't go now they will come back and catch us again" I said. "Ok baby" he said and he kissed me once more on the lips and intertwined his hands with mine. We walked to the pizza place and saw them all sitting around a huge table with two extra seats. "At least they saved us seats" Luke said. I nodded then we walked over to them. "Hey guys we ordered the pizzas we got u both pepperoni is that ok?" Ashton asked. We both nodded and sat down Luke didn't let go of my hand but the other Luke was staring at our hands. "U alright there mate" Calum said to the new guy. "Err.. Yeh I just got a text from my mum she wants me home" he said. "Oh ok" I said. He nodded "bye" we all said together. "That was strange" Michael said confused. "I know right he was fine before.... OMG he likes Megan" Calum said causing Luke to choke on his water. "WHAT?!?" Luke said. "It's obvious man" Cal said. "Lukey don't worry babe I only want u no one else" I said kissing him.


After pizza we all decided to go to Ashton's house.. "Guys wanna watch a movie?" He said. "Sure" we all said in unison. Ashton put on monsters inc (don't ask). About halfway through the film there was a knock at the door. "Il get it" ash said getting up from the lounge. "Err.. Guys Luke's here" he said worried. I got up "Il go get more snacks" I said and I left to go to the kitchen. I felt someone come in the room but I didn't know who so I carried on getting the popcorn out of the cupboard. "Hey" I heard a voice say. I turned around to see the other Luke standing there. "Oh hi" I said. "I was just wondering if u needed some help?" He said. "Nah it's fine just go back through il be through in a minute." Just then he grabbed me and started kissing me. "Get off" I shouted. "Shh it's ok" he said. "Stop it get off me" I said trying to pull his hands off of me. "Megan shut up u damn slut and kiss me" he said grabbing my face just then I heard multiple footsteps come into the room. "She said get off" I looked over and saw a very angry Luke standing there. He finally let go of me and I ran over to him and cried into him. "Ash take Megan into the lounge room I need to have a little chat with this guy" he said pointing to Jai. We left and all I heard was lots of shouting.

(Luke's POV)

"WHAT THE FUCK MAN THATS MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND WHAT WERE U GOING TO DO TO HER" I yelled in his face. "I CAN TREAT HER BETTER THAN U AND U KNOW IT THATS WHY U ARE JEALOUS INCASE SHE LIKES ME INSTEAD OF U" he shouted back. That made me do angry that I punched him in the face he fell to the ground and I kept punching him. Just then Calum came in the room and pulled me off of him. "I think u better go" he said to the other guy. When he left I walked back into the lounge room and saw Megan sitting on the couch crying she got up and ran over to me and cried into my chest. "It's ok baby it's ok ur safe now he won't so that to u again" I said running her back. "I thought u wouldn't here me" she said. I looked down she had bruises on her arms. "Did he do this to u" I said pointing at the bruises. She tried covering them up with her jumper. "Megan please tell me if he hurt u I need to know" I said my voice was shaking with anger. She nodded and cried even harder. "What did he do" I asked softly not wanting her to feel uncomfortable. "He grabbed me then started kissing me when I told him to get off he tightened his grip and kissed me harder and moved his hands to my waist when I tried to get them off he slapped me then called me a slut then u came in" she said shaking because she was crying. I got angrier and angrier by the second my blood was boiling how the fuck could u do this to such a sweet girl? I'm going to get that bastard back for this.


After finally soothing Megan we left and I let Megan stay at my house for the night. "U ok?" I asked concerned. She nodded her head I knew she was lying. "Megan I promise I will protect u from now on I won't let anyone touch u" I said. "Thanks Luke it scared me it reminded me of what happened with Harry" she said. I almost forgot about what happened with Harry. "That will NEVER happen to u again baby" I said she nodded her head and I kissed her forehead she wrapped her arms around my waist it felt nice to know she felt safe in my arms. "We better get going to bed we got school tomorrow.. If u want to go that is?" I said. "Il go I just hope that guy doesn't bother me anymore" she said. "He won't" I whispered into her ear. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to my room. I gave her one of my T-shirts which was too big for her because she was small and skinny. She climbed into bed and I got in beside her I pecked her on the lips and wrapped my arms around her and then we both fell asleep.

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