Bestfriend and Boyfriend

Hi I am Megan I am 17 and a half years old when I move back to Australia I think I fall in love with my old bestfriend.. Luke Hemmings


3. 3

I woke up with two strong arms wrapped around me.

I turned around and saw luke still sleeping.

"Babe we need to wake up u have practise" I said. "Ok" he said in his deep morning voice.

I kissed his nose and got up and went in the shower and picked out my outfit which was high waisted denim shorts and a flowery crop top with white converse. I chose to curl my blonde hair and just put mascara and lip gloss on then I was finally ready. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Luke staring at me I walked over to him. "Take a pic it will last longer sunshine" I said sitting on his lap. Luke went to the normal bathroom and got ready himself. Once he was ready he said "I'm starving wanna go out for breakfast?" I nodded "sure where do u wanna go?" I said. "Err.. McDonald's?" He said. "Yeh sure" he intertwined his fingers with mine and we walked to McDonald's together.

After McDonald's and rehearsal I saw the boys talking and then Luke came over to me. "Me and the boys were wondering if u would like to come in stage tonight so we can introduce u to the fans?" "Yeh ofcourse baby" I said hugging him. He kissed my softly on the lips then we went to get ready for the show.

*skip to the show*

"Hey guys I would like to introduce u to a very very important girl" Luke said. that was my cue to go on stage. I walked out and walked over to Luke who gave me a hug "guys this is my girlfriend Megan I love her very much" all the fans started cheering as Luke kissed me I saw flashes it must have been people's cameras or something. When I pulled away from the kiss Luke said. "Guys we have 2 more songs this one is dedicated to Megan it's called 'wherever u are' this song explains how I felt when Megan left a little while ago due to a break up and a career transfer so I hope u all enjoy".

'For a while we pretended thy we never had to end it but we knew we'd have to say goodbye.

U were crying at the airport then they finally closed the plane door I could barely hold it all inside

Torn in two and I know I shouldn't tell u but I just can't stop thinking of u-u-u-u wherever u are u-u-u-u wherever u are every night I almost call u just to say it always will be u-u-u-u wherever u are.

I could fly a thousand oceans but there's nothing that compares to what we had and so I walk alone.

I wish I didn't have to be gone maybe you've already moved on but the truth is I don't want to know

Torn in two and I know I shouldn't tell u but I just can't stop thinking of u-u-u-u wherever u are u-u-u-u wherever u are every night I almost call u just to say it always will be u-u-u-u wherever u are.

U can say we'll be together someday but nothing lasts forever and nothing stays the same so why can't I stop feeling this wayyyy

Torn in two and I know I shouldn't tell u but I just can't stop thinking of u-u-u-u wherever u are u-u-u-u wherever u are every night I almost call u just to say it always will be u-u-u-u

Wherever u are'

Everyone cheered and I kissed Luke and everyone cheered louder.

The last song was 'heartbreak girl' I stayed on stage for that too.

*after the show*

"That was great guys well done" I said hugging them all.

"Thanks Megan the fans love u" Luke said.

I giggled "I hope so would hate for them to hate me"

"Nah don't worry princess they love u" Luke said

**skip to Lukes house**

"Luke come here a minute" we heard ash shout from downstairs. I stopped kissing Luke "u should probably go" I said a little out of breath. "Nah leave it" he said I shrugged and carried on kissing him he picked me up and lay me down on the bed and moved down and started kissing my neck causing me to moan. Luke pulled off his shirt and started kissing me again. I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them off. He took my shirt off and I pulled my shorts off leaving us both in our underwear.

"Are u sure" Luke said breathless I nodded and he unclipped my bra and I pulled down his boxers and he wriggled them off he pulled down my underwear then grabbed the condom from the bedside table and slid it on. He started thrusting in and out of me it hurt for a little while but then it became better he started to getting faster causing me to moan "Lu-uke" I said. "C'mon Megan u can do better than that" he said jokingly. "LUKE" I shouted a little he began doing it harder and even faster. After a few minutes he began to slow down again. "I love u" he said "I love u too" I said. Then he stopped and lay there on top of me hugging me tightly. I climbed under the covers while Luke walked over and locked the door. He came and lay beside me he wrapped his arms around me tightly I cuddled into him and kissed his chin he giggled and kissed me forehead then we both fell asleep.

(Ashton's POV)

"Where the hell are they? They have been upstairs for ages" I said.

"I don't know mate but I don't wanna interior anything but be my guest." Calum said.

I walked quietly up the stairs and went up to Luke's bedroom door as I tried to open it, it was locked. "Damnit" I muttered under my breath. I heard light and quiet snoring from the other side. "They fucking fell asleep" I whispered angrily. I walked back down stairs and told Cal and Mikey that they were asleep. "Let's go wake them up then" Michael said we both nodded and walked up the stairs. Michael picked the lock to Luke's bedroom door and there we saw a NAKED Luke and Megan. Cal and Mikey started giggling "oh my god" Calum said laughing loudly. Luke woke up "guys what the fuck get out of my room!" He said we all walked out and Cal and Mikey were in fits of laughter. "It wasn't that funny guys" I said. "Aww is somebody jealous" Michael said. "No what are u talking about" I said angrily because they caught on. "Ashton we know ur jealous u don't need to pretend to us" calum whispered. Just then Luke and Megan walked out (with clothes on). "Hey lovebirds how was u know" Michael giggled. Megan blushed and walked past them. "What are u guys playing at u have embarrassed her" Luke whisper shouted. "We came up to get u and we caught u" Michael said trying to be serious. "Whatever can I get passed so I can go and see if my girlfriend is ok?"

(Luke's POV)

I ran downstairs and saw Megan sitting on the couch.

"Hey are u ok" I said she shook her head "what's up baby" she looked up at me " that was embarrassing they all seen me naked" she said she looked like she was gonna cry. I sat down beside her "don't worry princess il make sure they never mention it again" I said she nodded "thanks luke" she said while hugging me. "It's ok" I said as I kissed her forehead. "Is it ok if I go home" she said I nodded "ok sweetie" I said I got up she picked up her shoes and I picked her up. "Luke I can walk u know" She said. "I know but it saves u putting ur shoes on" I said. She shrugged and put her head on my chest I opened the door and walked over to her place with her in my arms I set her down on the door step. "Thanks for taking me on stage and stuff" she said with a smile. "Aww it's fine sorry about ash cal and Mikey." I said. "It's ok just make use they don't say anything" she said seriously she was about to go inside when I grabbed her arm and pulled her in for a kiss she kissed back and we just stood there kissing for about five minutes. I pulled away from the kiss "goodnight Luke" she said messing my hair up. "Goodnight baby" I said giggling at her messing my hair up. She hugged me then went inside. I was frozen I wish I could stay with her but everyone was still in my house..

I walked back over to my house and saw michael calum and ashton sitting on the couch. "Oh hey Luke" Calum said. "Hey guys can u do me a favour and not mention what happened tonight to anyone Megan was really embarrassed" they all nodded "ok Luke" ash said. "Thanks guys" I smiled and walked up to my room and lay on my bed thinking of Megan. Man this girl has an impact on me i looked over to my window and I realised my window was across from her window I looked across and saw her smiling down at something ok her phone I texted her saying:

Hey just figured out that my bedroom window was across from yours.. P.S what u smiling at? (; <3 - Luke

She texted back about 5 seconds later.

Haha cool and just the picture we took together at the beach put it as my homescreen <3 - Megan

I smiled at the text and when I looked up I saw she was at her bedroom window.. She blew me a kiss and I pretended to catch it she smiled then waved and then she shut the blinds and I did the same.

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