Bestfriend and Boyfriend

Hi I am Megan I am 17 and a half years old when I move back to Australia I think I fall in love with my old bestfriend.. Luke Hemmings


2. 2

(Luke's POV)

I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes and it felt like my eyes were burning so I got up and went in the shower as I went back to my phone I noticed I had a text from Megan.

Hey wanna hang out today dimples? - M

Then i answered:

Sure be right over green eyes (; x - L

I took my phone off charge and headed over to Megan's house when I came to the door I knocked gently.. I looked up at her balcony "come in" she shouted then I walked in and up the stairs to her room. When I walked in I saw Megan was on her phone and she looked like she was concentrating.. I walked over to her and said "what's that" she showed me the screen it was pictures of us all over twitter and there were some hate messages there too.. She got up and threw her phone on the bed then she walked out to the balcony so I decided to follow her out.

(Megan's POV)

What the hell have I done to deserve this? me and Luke are just friends I thought to myself while standing on the balcony. Just then I felt to strong arms wrap themself around my waist when I turned round I noticed it was Luke.. "U ok" he said thoughtfully I nodded and cuddled into his chest "il be fine don't worry". Then Luke pulled away from the hug and looked into my eyes, his eyes are beautiful I have never noticed how blue they were as we looked at each other I got lost in his eyes.. I have never felt this way about him before.. Then before I knew it his lips were on mine and we were kissing I didn't even notice but I was kissing him back.

(Luke's POV)

Wtf is happening I'm kissing Megan and she is kissing me back finally after about 2 minutes of kissing she pulled away and hugged me again.. After all of that we went back inside and sat in silence she finally broke the silence by saying "why did u kiss me?" I didn't know what she said so I just said "what" she repeated herself then I said " I have been wanting to kiss u from the day u and ash broke up but I couldn't then the next day I found out u were gone I never slept for days thinking it was all my fault yesterday at the airport reminded me how much I loved u but I couldn't do anything about it because ash was there and so were all of those girls". "Aww Luke that's so sweet I didn't know u felt that way about me to be honest when I saw u yesterday I felt the same way like I had never felt that way about u before.. U were just my best friend and the guy with the lip ring" she said.

"Wait Megan u kissed me back? She nodded. "I wanted to kiss u too but I didn't want to ruin everything we had and if u didn't kiss back it would be way embarrassing". She thought I wouldn't have kissed back OMG ofcourse I would I love her..

"So..." She said. "So what do u wanna do" I said. "Err.. Wanna go to the beach" she suggested. "Yeh il run back to my house to change il be over as soon as I'm done then we can go" she nodded then I left the room to go to my house to change.

(Megan's POV)

I quickly change into my bikini then put on my high waisted denim shorts and a Tshirt over it I grabbed a towel and my sunglasses and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I got my flip flops and then waited for luke to come over.. About 5 minutes later Luke came walking into my room " ready to go?" He said "yep" I said then I grabbed my bag that had all my stuff in it and headed out of the door.

We finally got to the beach there was no one here "guess we have the beach to ourselves" Luke said taking his top off. When he took his top of I noticed his amazing body and found myself staring "take a picture it will last longer hunny" he said laughing. I snapped out of it and took of my shorts and Tshirt leaving me in my bikini.. As I lay down sunbathing I saw a shadow come over me I saw Luke standing over me. "Come join me in the water" he said. I shook my head "I'm fine here thanks" I said as I closed my eyes again I felt like I was being lifted when I opened my eyes I noticed I was over Luke's shoulder and he was carrying me towards the water " Luke put me down" I said laughing. "No u wouldn't come so I needed to carry u" he said he finally put me down in the water and the water was up to my waist. I started to splash Luke and he was splashing me back it went on for about 5 minutes when Luke put me over his shoulder again and was carrying me deeper into the water. " Luke stop I'm not as tall as u ya know" he put me down and the water was up to just above my chest I looked up at Luke who still had his hands on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck then he leaned in and kissed me again he moved his hands down to my thighs and picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist. Just then I heard laughing and whistling coming from the beach we both looked up and noticed it was Michael, Calum and Ashton. Ashton looked very angry while Calum and Michael were laughing and whistling at us. Luke put me down and we walked up to the beach where the others were. "Nice one Lukey" Calum said laughing, Luke pushed his arm softly then looked over to Ash who was giving him a death glare. "Ash I can explain" he said. "Save it Luke u know how much I fucking loved her" he said angrily. "Ashton what the hell do u mean it wasn't Luke's fault we broke up it was ours and if I want to be with Luke then u will just have to deal with it!" I said a little angry. Luke put his hand on my waist and pulled me in closer. "Whatever I'm out of here" Ashton said pand left the beach leaving me,luke,cal and mike fall standing there in silence.

(Luke's POV)

"Err so what do u wanna do now?" Megan said looking up at me.

"Why don't we go home and watch a movie?" I said she nodded in agreement then I took her hand and Mikey and Cal followed us up the beach to my car.

"Hey guys is it ok if we tag along" Mikey said.

"Sure" Megan nodded and Mikey and cal jumped in the back of the car.

We watched the movie and Cal and Mikey went home but I decided to stay..

"Maybe I should go" I said. " no stay here with me" she said. I nodded and lay beside her on her bed. "I love u Luke" she whispered. "I love u too baby" I said. She kissed me on the cheek and put her head on my chest. "Megan?" I said. "Yes Lukey", "do u want to come to the stadium to see us practise tomorrow?" I said. "Yes please" she said a little excited. "Il go home and let u sleep" I said. "Or u can stay here tonight?" She said. "Ok" I said then we both got in to Megan's bed and I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Goodnight baby" I whispered. "Goodnight Lucas" she said then she fell asleep..

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