Bestfriend and Boyfriend

Hi I am Megan I am 17 and a half years old when I move back to Australia I think I fall in love with my old bestfriend.. Luke Hemmings


1. 1

Today was the day, the day I moved back to Australia. My mum got transferred back there. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back when I moved here to London I left everything my 3 bestfriends and my boyfriend.. Everything. I'm scared incase I go back and everyone hates me.

Me and my mum boarded the flight to Australia I was really nervous.. My stomach was doing somersaults and I felt like I was gonna be physically sick!


We landed in Australia at last and as I got off the plane I noticed a group of girls standing around something.. I walked the other way as I was walking away I heard my name being called from where the girls were standing. Except this was a boys voice.. I turned around and saw my old best friend Luke Hemmings standing about 5 meters away from me I ran up to him and jumped on him he hugged me and whispered into my ear "I missed u so much Megan". I answered "I missed u too Luke". He put me down and I looked over his shoulders and saw Michael, Calum and my old boyfriend Ashton..

I walked over and hugged Calum and Michael when I got to Ashton I looked at him as he looked down at me...

We stared at each other for a good few minutes all the memories and bad times came flooding back.. Me and Ashton ended on a very bad note...

(Flashback to break up)

"I fucking knew u were cheating on me Megan" Ashton screamed in my face.

"I ament fucking cheating Ash I wouldn't do that I love u and u only Luke is my bestfriend and u know it!"

"Then why did u kiss him?!"

"I kissed him on the bloody cheek I was thanking him for helping me when.."

"When what?!"

"When Harry raped me!" I ran out of the room crying and Luke came after me.

"Megan wait up" Luke shouted, when he finally caught up to me he wrapped his strong arms around me as I cried into his chest.

"See what I fucking mean Luke she's my girlfriend not yours!" Ashton yelled.

"Not anymore Ashton it's over I'm sorry I can't do this anymore" I whispered.

"I'm gonna kill you Luke Hemmings u made me lose my girlfriend!!" Ashton yelled while walking over to Luke and pinning him up against the wall.

"Ash leave him he has nothing to do with this just go before u make things any worse than they already are" I said.

Then he left and the next day me and my mum left and went to London.

(End of flashback)

"Megan" Luke said.

"Yeh?" I turned around to see Luke looking at me and Ashton.

"Aren't u gonna hug Ashton?"

"Yeh.. Err.. Sorry" I said then I hugged Ash quickly but when I tried to pull away he wouldn't let me go. I looked at Luke and he knew I wasn't comfortable he patted Ashton on the back and he finally let me go.

The ride to my new house was awkward my mum was in front and I was sat with Luke on one side and Mikey on the other and across from me was Ash and Cal.

Everything was silent until Luke said "So how long u hear for Megz?"

"Err.. Forever I think.." I answered

Luke's face lit up and he smiled brightly just then we pulled up to my new house.

"Oh my god Megan ur house is right next door to mine" Luke said.

I giggled "great" I said sarcastically. Luke nudged my shoulder "u know u love me haha".

I blushed and started walking towards my new house I walked in and I heard my mum talking to Luke something about school or something. I went up stairs and walked into a room which I hoped was my room and as I walked in I saw my ideal bedroom. An apple laptop and kingsize bed a flat screen TV a walk-in wardrobe my own bathroom and a balcony with a breathtaking view of the whole beach.

I walked out onto the balcony and I was looking out at the horizon I felt someone behind me but I chose to keep looking out to the view.

(Luke's POV)

I walked up the stairs to see if Megan needed help to unpack. As I walked into her room I noticed the balcony door was open I walked over and saw Megan looking out to the view of the beach she looked beautiful.

I walked over to her and stood behind her and said "nice view huh" she nodded " yeh the beach looks beautiful" she said. " I wasn't talking about the beach" I said and she giggled and turned around to face me. "I missed u so much dimples" she said. "U too green eyes" i said and I pulled her in for a hug.

"We better get unpacking" I said. She nodded and walked past me back into her bedroom.

Once we had finished unpacking Megan sat on her bed she looked exhausted.

"I'm tired" she said while yawning. "Ok" I said and as I was about to leave I felt her hand grab my arm. I looked back at her "thanks for helping me unpack dimples" she said "no problem green eyes u best be getting some sleep" I said she nodded and I walked out of her room and back to my house I lay down on my bed and I couldn't get Megan out of my head. I have never felt this way about her before...

Hey guys if anyone reads this thankyou and I will update soon a lot of family problems going on love u all. Xx

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