The Crystal Culprits

My Entry For TMNT comp.
Good luck to everyone who entered! :-)
This is the story in the correct order so please ignore the other one!


1. The Incident

~~Look, don't feel sorry for me. I'm the villain this story. I was warned about my powers being out of control but what happened that day was entirely my fault, a lot of people died because of me and I'm sorry, I truly am but regret won't bring them back. Any of them...

My name is Ruby. I’m sixteen years old and I am a dangerous mutant.  It all started off as an accident on a violent stormy day, sheets of heavy rain came crashing down, slanting in the gale. There were a few others waiting for a train on the sheltered platform that day. One of them had curly chocolate brown hair with bright blue streaked through it, her shocking pink rucksack was drooping of her shoulders, she seemed like the sort of person who would start up a fight for the fun of it, I instantly kept my distance, I knew I had to stay calm or people including me would get hurt. One of the others who caught my attention had startling green eyes, black hair cascading round her shoulders and legging which looked like they had been ripped apart by a wild beast. I didn't know what to think of her so I kept away from her too. I couldn't risk being near anyone, they would only get hurt.

Delay after delay boomed out of the rusty old speakers scattered round the platform. I was really starting to get agitated as another was announced. All I needed was to get into the safety of my home away from all the madness, away from myself.

Eventually, the train pulled in to the station. I scrambled to get on before the robust doors slammed shut. The metal creaked; it was as if the whole train was holding its breath. Waiting for disaster to strike...

I dumped myself into a filthy navy blue seat decorated with random multicoloured shapes. The dirty carriage had only about seven-teen people in including the two girls on the platform. The train violently lurched forwards, the force hit me like a hammer through the air, I hit the dusty headrest with a mighty clunk. I shut my eyes. This all seemed to familiar to my life before I broke was to late. I slipped back into my haunted past...

I remembered the day my life fell to pieces, the day I found out about my powers, the day I realized I was telekinetic.
I stood facing the vast structure of my school. It was Thursday, my favorite day of the week. It was nearly the end of the day and our last double period was science, in the labs. It was just the end of a normal day, well supposedly anyway...

The class of twenty-eight pupils over populated the pristine lab. We started the lesson by our teacher demonstrating a practical experiment which used pressure and energy. She placed a standard sized cube of dry ice into a remnant of an old camera. Then she hurriedly placed it on to the floor and darted away from it.
We waited. Nothing happened. I didn't get the point of the experiment until, Bang! The black cylinder shot five meters into the air. Unfortunately, the ceiling was only four meters tall and an active panel filled with complex circuitry was placed above, in other words a light. I heard our teacher yell and saw her bolt as far back as she could as it plummeted straight through the roof with a might crash! It was as if a bullet had been shot through a panel of glass, I was extremely scared.

The room suddenly turned slightly darker as every light sparked and perished. A sharp silence cut through the class. We all just sat there giving each other confused looks. What the heck had just happened? I remember feeling surreal; it was as if as if I was floating. A gasp of pure disbelief rippled through the class. I didn't know what they seemed to be so shocked about other than the circular hole in the roof. The small boy next to me seemed to understand and pointed to the teachers desk. A row of neatly a ranged test tubes lay suspended above her desk. I looked down and my hand was facing them. I pulled hand back. My contraction shattered, so did the glass.

I'd had to go through the rest of high school with nasty and hurtful rumors spreading round the school. Eventually the malicious children came up with a conclusion, I was a mutant. Of course they had no proof but still I felt isolated, no one wanted to know me anymore, even the teachers acted scared around me. I was terrified of myself, every so often my powers reached the surface but usually I kept it down.

The same unreal feeling that I felt that day washed over me. I'd been running from the truth for too long. I was a mutant, a freak, a menace. Why not see what you can do? A part of my mind seemed to say. An intense excitement brief passed over me. It was too late.

I felt my eyes widened, my pulse quickened, I was breathing heavily. No! Please not here! Not now! I heard the man behind me yelled in horror. I spun round to see what had happened, I instantly knew I had to get away as I saw his coffee hovering over the table, what had I done? He clambered out into the eisle and faced me. A momentary look of dispare passed over his face right before he fainted. Just before he hit the floor he stopped in thin air. Now, everything was shaking so intensely, I was shaking ,the train was shaking, I was terrified. The train derailed. I was heavily throw against the world. The world went dark.

Fire, I saw fire. Flames danced across my vision as I sat up.The carriage was filled with roaring flames. I lay there paralyzed in fear . "HELP!" distant voices yelled in dispare. 'This is all my fault. I can't do anything to help them,' I thought,'No! This is my fault. I will help them. I stood and clambered over fallen bags and thousands of shards of glass which had come from the shattered widows. I found the girl in blue first,  she was half buried under a row of collapsed seats. I focused on all my anger, rage and misery. I reached out my arm and gestured upward, the seat followed my command and flew into the air, I used  my power and shoved them away. Blue girl coughed and  I helped her up. At the sight of the flames she grimaced and gracefully lifted her arms into the air. I remember it as if it were yesterday, water, water flooded out of her hands in powerful beams extinguishing the fire until none was left. For the first time in my life I wasn't the odd one out, I wasn't alone, I always knew I couldn't be the only one who was different.

I stood staring at her, spellbound by the beauty of her gift. A warm tear rolled over my cheek. So many years being isolated from friends, never wanting to get close to people in case I hurt them. Maybe I could find a friend, just maybe...

"I'll sort the fire! Help the others!" She insisted. I turned to face the rest of the wreckage I had caused. I could do this. I raised my hands, channelling the powerful energy, a wave of serenity passed over me, faced with this impossible challenge I felt superior. I breathed in. I flicked my hands back; the debris hovered in the air. I felt the power coarse through my veins; I was in control for once.I threw the debris through the metal case and onto the land next to it. After the blanket of dust cleared I saw over a dozen bodies lying limply on the floor, It was hard to tell if they were even alive.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the other girl from the station, the girl with sparkling emerald eyes. She looked in bad shape as she lay sprawled across the floor. I hurriedly flew over to her, now when I say flew I actually mean projected my weight off the base of the train. Yes, I know it sounds scientific but all I had to do was straighten my arms and face my palms to the ground. I gently glided through the air.

“Stop!” a clear and firm voice boomed in my head. My body stopped moving. I tried to move but my legs disobeyed me, the voice was controlling my mind.  I fell to the ground.                                                                                                                                                                                          

“Face me!” the strange speaker fiercely commanded. I fought against the order but couldn't control myself.                                       

“Get everyone out now!” It insisted. That was my main objective so I let it take over.
I flew out of a huge gap where a window should have been. I was relieved to see every other carriage apart from the one I was in and the one behind were still standing and had people pouring out of all four doors. I wanted to hide, I wanted to apologize for all the damage I’d caused but I couldn't. As I glanced down I saw the water girl running across the length of the train, searching for fires to extinguish. I focused my power and ripped the metal roof of the train clean off. I held it for a moment and then delicately placed it by the side of the track. I lifted my hand and everyone in the two carriages flew into the air. I mimed the action of gently placing them in the meadow on one side of the train.

The powerful control over me ceased. I started to fall. My powers had abandoned me. I was too exhausted. Why did it have to end like this? I wondered. I closed my eyes preparing for impact, it never came. A stream of cold pressure hit my back, as it hit my hand I realized it water. Slowly, it lowered me to the ground. As I landed my feet hit the ground. I couldn't support my weight; I was too drained to even stand. My knees buckled. I would have fallen on my face if the girl with the green eyes hadn't caught me.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed,” I’m so sorry… Are you OK?” At first I didn't understand what she was talking about.

'Sorry about what?' She seemed to somehow read my thoughts. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and when she opened them her eyes were solid gold.

“Don’t worry. I only want to help you,” her voice echoed in my head. She was a telepath, a mind reader, a mind controller. Somehow I felt reassured by her presence, someone to help me control my powers.
The water girl sprinted towards us and gave me a chilly glare.

“We need to go now!” she demanded. I knew she was right. I could hear the police sirens blaring not so far away. Who knows what would happen to us if they got here.

“Hi, my names Sapphire, now can you fly us?” Green girl asked. I nodded. She let go of my shoulder and I steadied myself. As  I spread my arms out our feet lifted off the ground and we glided away from the destructive chaos I had caused.


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