The Crystal Culprits

My Entry For TMNT comp.
Good luck to everyone who entered! :-)
This is the story in the correct order so please ignore the other one!


5. The Crystal Culprits

~~The next four weeks were hectic. We were using our abilities to set up crimes three or four times every week. We were seldom off the front page of the newspapers. Of course they knew our identities but that didn’t stop us at all in fact it only encouraged us! The local new programs were starting to call us The Crystal Culprits as the main thing they knew about us was that we were mutants and ‘mutants are always to blame for everything’ as one anti-mutant newscaster said.
The problem was, it was getting too much for me. I had had my fun. All I wanted was to have a break, a rest, a recharge. Amber wouldn’t permit it. She spent nearly all her time with sapphire planning for the ‘next one’. I was sick of the fame and publicity but I could never really leave. Where would I go? Who would accept me now?
I finally confronted them one night as we sat round the glass table.
“Look… I can’t do this anymore!”  I stuttered. I was nearly in tears as Amber gave me an evil glare; her eyes went gold in pure fury.
“WHAT!?”She yelled in a stormy rage. I wanted to sit in a corner and cry but I forced myself to explain.
“It’s all just too much for me! “I tried to explain. Amber growled and stormed out the room. I looked at Sapphire.
“I’ll talk to her,” sigh sighed and ran off. I felt a warm tear roll down my cheek.
 “I’m so great at messing things up!” I wept to myself. I glided up to my room and fell into the bed, I fell asleep instantly.
The next morning I hovered down to breakfast as usual, both Amber and Sapphire were sat waiting for me in silence. They looked deadly serious.
“Ruby, I’m sorry about yesterday. Ok!  I over-reacted. But really, let’s end it on a high. One more, that’s all we want one last act of heroism, one last victory as a team. The final one, the big one to end.” Amber insisted. For a reason unknown to me, I couldn’t really argue with her. I felt myself saying,
“OK! One last victory as a team, the Crystal Culprits!  So what’s the plan?” Sapphire smiled.
“The big one to end!”


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