The Crystal Culprits

My Entry For TMNT comp.
Good luck to everyone who entered! :-)
This is the story in the correct order so please ignore the other one!


4. Shooting and Shops

~~The plan was bizarre!  It was completely ingenious!  It was ridiculous!  In other words I loved it! We could be heroes as well as mutants; we could be thanked as well as feared. We could control both sides; well I say we I mean amber could. She was a genius!
We could create the crimes using Amber’s telepathy and solve them using our powers. A brilliant plan was thrown into action as we discussed it. The next day we were prepared.
"Bring it on!" Saph challenged.
We started the plan early the next night in the over-crowded shopping centre. I shivered, crowds and I were two things which did not go together what so ever! Things tended to go wrong when I was with large groups of people.
The three of us were in our thoroughly planned out positions. I briefly looked down at my watch, 18:14. Any time now the plot would begin.  I was just starting to wonder if we were even going to start the action when the same sound I had heard all those years ago when the camera film shot through the panel of lights. The harsh sound spread through my body. The plan had begun.
“Everyone on the floor! Now!” a deep gruff voice barked. He sounded like an army general. I saw all the people around me abruptly throw themselves onto the floor I pretended to be extremely scared and joined them. As I looked upwards I knew Amber had control, there was the man who spoke in military uniform with seven armed gunmen with what I presumed fully loaded machine guns. The unarmed man in the centre pulled out a pistol and strolled over to the nearest shop where a young woman in her twenties sat cowering in the corner. The general grabbed her by the arm and violently hauled her to her feet. She tried to wriggle out of his grip but he had a hand as strong as steel.
He lifted the gun to her temple and then turned to face the insignificant crowd of people on the floor.
“Give me all your money now or I shoot this woman right here! Right now!” He demanded. The snivelling crowd of people didn’t move for a moment but then sprung to action, pulling out there wallets and purses and throwing them into a pile for the officers to collect. Even though many of the people didn’t know this woman they still gave their money to try and help save her life, I started to wonder if anyone would have done the same for me. My day dream was interrupted by one of the gunmen walking towards me.
That was my cue. I rose to my unsteady feet. After he got over the momentary shock of someone disobeying orders, he prepared to shoot his gun. I felt an intense burning in my stomach, raw power ready to be released.  I suddenly shot in the air to the shock of the gunman. It took a few seconds to remember the plan. When I did I I flicked my hand at the general, he’d let go of his hostage in the initial shock, he flew backwards, slamming violently into the bare wall. There was a sickly crack on impact. He lay there, not moving.
I saw sapphire spring into action, using jets of water to disarm the line of guns. As they shot into the air I sent focused beams of energy at them. They crippled under the power. Meanwhile, Amber was helping to get all the people on the floor away from the danger. I dropped to the ground as the last man lost his gun. As my feet touched the ground I raised my arms, all my life I had been the odd one out, the mutant the freak, now I was the hero. The men in military gear hit the wall so hard it collapsed on them.
Sirens were summoned to a halt as a team of police men ran in with plastic shields and guns. They were shocked to see eight unconscious men at the feet of two teenage girls. It was hilarious seeing the faces of the buff officers as they charged into to the corridor with such authority and then realised a few girls had already done their jobs for them. Amber sprinted over to us and we stood for a few second shoulder to shoulder then I faced the terrified group of innocent shoppers.
“Don’t fear those who are different to you! We are mutants! Deal with it!”
Together, we flew away into the darkness…

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