The Crystal Culprits

My Entry For TMNT comp.
Good luck to everyone who entered! :-)
This is the story in the correct order so please ignore the other one!


2. Mansion Mayhem

~~We flew for about two minutes before I dropped us near where the telepathic girl said she owned a house, I was tired to argue with her. After we lander she led us over to a massive modern looking house. She pulled out a shiny silver key and shoved it into the socket and twisted it with a satisfying Clunk!

“Welcome to my house!” The telepath said ushering us into the mansion. I looked at Sapphire; she shrugged and strolled in. What could I do but follow.

We sat round a black glass expensive looking table on comfy black leather bar stools. The telepath girl had made the three of us delicious hot chocolates and after she placed her own on the table and joined us.

“Right!” I started, “Introductions!” I looked at the blue girl. She took that as a cue to speak.

“My name is Sapphire. I’m eighteen and as you saw I can create water and control it. The strange thing is, well stranger than controlling water,” She laughed and then continued, “Is that I can only control water, no other liquids even if they have a high water content. Isn’t that strange.” I nodded in agreement and then glanced at the telepath.

“I’m Amber. I’m fifteen years old and I can read and control minds.” She explained.

 “You’re a telepath then?” I butted in. Amber vigorously nodded.

“What about you?” Sapphire asked curiously. Sapphire, it was great to be able to call her anything but blue girl.

 “Oh yeah sorry. My name is Ruby and I’m a telekinetic which means I can move things with my mind,” I casually said to them. They both stared at me as if I had offended them. Sapphire must have understood how confused I was as she explained what was wrong to me.                              

 ”That means were all crystals!” she exclaimed.

“What?” I demanded. What did she mean were all crystals? Oh, I suddenly understood. Sapphire, Amber and Ruby were all names of gems. Wow! I was slow.  Amber started to giggle Sapphire and I joined in.

“Okay, I've got plenty spare rooms. So, Ruby, Sapphire chose any room you like the look of apart from the one which says ‘Amber's Room’ on it, is that OK?  Amber blurted out.

“Um…yeah… OK but can I just ask you how you got a house like this and your only fifteen?” I puzzled. She looked down in a shameful sort of way.

“I convince an estate agent to give it to me for free,” she muttered,” I didn’t expect it to work but when he gave it to me my parents forced me to move in, they were sick of me and my abilities and said I couldn’t live with them anymore. So yeah. That’s how I ended up here, let me tell you it gets very lonely, I left school when I was eleven and been here ever since.”

“You’re not alone now, were here,” I insisted. She smiled.  Suddenly, a wave of tiredness his me with such force, I nearly fell sideways of the stool. I slammed my hands against the table so hard my hot chocolate spilled all over the table top. Both of the girls stared at me.

“OK, you need a rest” Sapphire insisted

“No, really I’m…” I protested. Her vicious glare shut me right up. Amber snorted with laughter.

“Sorry, come on I’ll take you to a room,” Amber decided.

Together the three of us got up and walked up the spiraling stair case. As soon as Amber led me to a bed I slipped my trainers and then collapsed into the soft luxurious material. Almost instantly I was greeted by a deep relaxing sleep. 

The next morning I woke to sound of pure silence. I slowly sat upwards. I laced my trainers and literally glided downstairs. As I approached the luxurious kitchen I heard Amber speaking to Sapphire. I stopped frozen in my tracks.

“Come on Sapphire, we could pull it off! The three of us, we could test our powers to the limit and become rich at the same time. We can go anywhere! We can do anything we want Saph! Trust me it will be the best experience of your life!” There was an awkward silence for a few seconds.

“But Amber, you could do all that without Ruby and I. Why do you want us to help you? Why are you even letting us stay in your house anyway?” Sapphire curiously asked. I realized I had been thinking the same things, I had only met this girl yesterday and almost killed her but yet she had let me stay in her manor. Only now I started to wonder why. What did she want from me?

“Well... you saw how well we worked as a team last night,” she confessed,” I really want to be myself around people instead of bottling up my powers, pretending to be someone I’m not. That’s why I’m letting you stay here, just for some company; it can get really lonely in a place as huge as this. Seriously though, just consider my offer. Oh and Ruby I know your there! Come on out!” At first I didn't realize she was talking to me. Eventually, I crept into the room.

Two pairs of intense eyes bore into mine. I instantly felt a pang of guilt; I shouldn't have been listening to their conversation. I just stood by the door, wondering what to say.

“Sorry! I know I shouldn't have been listening,” I admitted.

“No! No! No! Not at all!” Sapphire smiled, “But will you do it with us?” Amber seemed to grin when she said ‘us’ but she then looked serious again. She glanced at Sapphire as if debating whether or not to tell me what this ’thing’ was.

As if in response Sapphire nodded.’

“We are going to break into the biggest jewellery shop in the country!” She exclaimed eagerly. I just stood there. The bizarre thought didn’t register at first. Rob a jewellery shop? What on earth was Amber on about?  I laughed at the stupidity of what she was telling me.

“I’m being serious Ruby! It would just be for fun, no-one would get hurt and we wouldn't take much!" Sapphire insisted. She was clearly starting to love the idea now. They couldn't actually mean it could they? Rob a jewellery shop using our powers?

"Well, we’re going tomorrow morning with or without you Ruby! Don't worry we'll bring you back a present!" she taunted," Please come! Your powers could be really useful!" After she put it like that I could hardly say no but I had to be clear on some conditions.

"Fine then, but only one pieces of jewellery each OK!"I insisted.  Sapphire nodded grimly, she probably could tell that agreeing was the only way she could persuade me to come.

“Fine!” Amber scowled,” The plan is improvise and not get caught!”

"Why not?” I asked sarcastically,” Let’s go steal some stuff!”

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