The Crystal Culprits

My Entry For TMNT comp.
Good luck to everyone who entered! :-)
This is the story in the correct order so please ignore the other one!


6. Final Moments

~~We started on a train so we decided to end on a train. The plan we came up with was to reroute the quickest train in the country and destroy the manual control systems. Now don’t ask me why I thought it was a good idea at the time because I have no Idea!   
Two days later we were prepared for the big finale. As usual, Amber had to make the first move; she took control of the train drivers mind and in her own words, ‘wrecked the place!’ A few minutes later we were by the track, where the out of control train was meant to pass. My task was to simply stop it, simple as that. After that, I could leave and go home.
Screech! Screech! Screech! I could hear it coming for me. I knew it was approaching my position. I mentally prepared myself for the stain and the pure momentum of the train.
“Um… Ruby… There’s another train coming the other way! You need to stop them both!” Amber yelled despairingly. At my best I could stop one but two? No way! Sapphire signalled to me and I pulled her up into the air, we would have to take one each! we hovered back to back in the air.
  The end loomed closer than ever before as the out of control train enter my line of vision. I breathed in and out heavily, only focusing on the daunting task which lay a head of me.
"Ready?" I asked Sapphire.
"No!" she answered, to late now. I pushed.
Now, I have tried hundreds of times to describe how I felt trying to stop the crash, but the best one I could come up with was; my muscles felt as if they were on fire, my head felt dizzy and light and I felt useless, utterly useless!
It wouldn't stop! It just kept on coming! I pushed and pushed but it still hurtled towards me. I couldn't hold on any longer. My grip ceased...
"Go! Now!" Amber demanded in my head. I tried to resist with all my remaining power but I was drained.
I can still see those final moments. The trains colliding, the huge ball of flames engulfing the area for miles around, Taking my only friends along with it.
So as you can see, I'm the villain in this story. I was warned about my powers being out of control but what happened that day was entirely my fault, a lot of people died because of me and I'm sorry, I truly am but regret won't bring them back. Any of them at all...

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