he knew he couldn't get her,he knew he couldn't touch her,he knew he couldn't even hug her. so i he hurt her,played with someone others feelings and made big nasty mess


2. Part 2

Rosalie's pow


i awkwardly walked past Axel as he smoked like there was no tomorrow. gosh i hated smoking. it was so stupid i could see how he breath the poison and actually liked the feeling he was so messed up. but after all he didn't deserve to die,what the stupid cigarette was going to do to him someday. he blocked my way. "you have been avoiding me kitten. are you mad at me?" he asked. he was doing it again. being a dick head. "move out of my way West." i said calling him by his last name. "oh i feel so special." Axel said with wicked grin. "if you don't move i will get you in deep trouble." i said. "and how are you planing to do that?" he teased blowing the smoke to my face. "Emmett." i warned. his face dropped. "i don't give a shit." he said. "Axel stop. i don't want to get poisoned by your smoking." i said. "poisoned?" he laugh. "you know you are killing your self slowly." i said. he laugh evilly. "you are so funny." he said. "you are dick head." i said. he glared me. "you know Princes, everyone will die someday,i just enjoy my life,heck i just make it easier to my self so i can left this cold world earlier than other, my smoking is none of your business Rosalie." he said. "i still want you to stop it. "i said not giving up. "why do you care? Princes?" he asked. "everyone deserve to live." i said. "stop feeling bad for me, i will never give damn about you, honey everyone don't want to be saved. if i die tomorrow no one will notice." he said. "Victoria will." i said. "fuck her." he spit. okay. "i will, some there deep is the same guy i met few years ago." i said tapping this chest where his heart was. he didn't answer just started me as i touched him. i walked away. "Don't act like you care." i heard him yell. "sadly i do care about you." i said to my self as i made my home.Axel was hopeless.


-Axel's pow


Every time when i tried to hurt her and make her cry and leave me alone and hate me forever it turned just differently. he surprised me every time. let me say this. no one gives damn about me. its okay to me. not even my mom,shes to busy with her new husband who totally ignores me like everyone else. and then there is Victoria this crazy chick who is all over me and tells me how much she loves me and she just want to kiss me all the time but that's all she don't care about me, she don't even want to listen. it's okay to me,like i would tell anyone anyway. i don't want pity but i just deep down wish that someone would care about me some how, and that's the one thing Rosalie does. but i can't have her. i try to make her hate me, he told me if i treat her like shit she will forget me. but i didn't want that. but like i had a choice. i walked home. when i lied on the bed trying to sleep but ending up staring the ceiling like every other night i took my cell phone and read my old messages from those days when everything was perfect but it all fucked up when i started to have feelings towards her and her brother noticed it.


i felt like dead when i walked to school at the morning  i looked like zombie. "Ax!" Victoria said as she hugged me. i need to get rid of her. "kiss me." she purred. i lazily moved my lips to hers but not feeling anything. but it was funny how my hole body jumped for the joy when my finger brushed her fingers. i saw her talking and laughing with her friends she was wearing cute dress and looked like princes i stared her while Victoria blabbered something to me. i wish she was mine,my life really sucked i liked another girl and knew that i would never get her. what the fuck?


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