he knew he couldn't get her,he knew he couldn't touch her,he knew he couldn't even hug her. so i he hurt her,played with someone others feelings and made big nasty mess


1. PART 1

her laugh was music to his ears every time when she smiled it made his body tingle.but the fact that she couldn't ever be his was hunting him making him depressed all the time. Axel watched as she hugged some other guy and teased him his heart was hurting and he wanted to trow up,but still he couldn't take his eyes of them. he was just waiting the day to come when he would have to watch her kissing someone else with those beautiful pink lips what looked so soft."Axel can you hold Liam's hands so i can mess his hair." Rosalie said with her beautiful voice as she looked him with sparkling eyes.Axel just groaned and lazily hold Liam's hands but let them go not even going to try to hold them back. he didn't want Rosalie play with Liam's hair,he wanted Roselie to be his and mess his hair. "is everything okay? you seem bit upset." Rosalie asked innocently. of course he said that he didn't know the reason why he wasn't happy. he just couldn't drop the bomb and say that he loved her and just wanted to wrap his arms around her and kiss her and be with her forever. no. if he would have done that he just would have got totally murdered with Rosalie's brother who was so over protective about her and even more when it was his friend who liked her sister. Rosalie's brother Emmett was Axel's best friend. Victoria walked into room.Victoria loved Axel or what ever you could call it. Victoria was that type of girl who tried to be cute all the time and spoke with girly voice even faking her real voice and she would just go and kiss her boyfriend. Axel in other hand didn't care about her,not at all. he couldn't find power to really understand or like Victoria not even just friends he knew Victoria wasn't his type,but one thing he though he had  got right. Rosalie Miller hated girls like Victoria that was the only thing what kept him dating Victoria. 

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