Save Me Tonight (O2L FanFic)

We all need a hero sometime, but what if our hero doeesn't show up when you need him?


1. Prologue/ Characters

My cheek burned, my vision blurred. A dark shape moved in front of me, causing my body to shake against my will.

"Get your ass up." A harsh voice growled.

I sturggled up blindly, grasping onto my bedpost my legs barly able to support my body. I shook my head slightly trying to clear my vision enough to see where the next blow would come from. A sudden flash of light filled the tiny room.

"Next time don't bring home a B." My father muttered, tossing my math test at me the dark red 88 standing out against the paper. He walked out of my room slamming the door behind him.

I slipped back down to the floor letting the tears I had been holding back finally slide down my face. I buried my head in my legs trying to keep my sobs quiet, I don't know if I could survive another beating today.

After a couple minutes I stood up slowly holding onto my bedpost shuffling towards my mirror. My cheek was still red, but it no longer burned. I pulled the edge of my shirt up flinching at the sight of my stomach. 

I pulled my shirt down quickly turning away from the mirror. I turn off the lights letting the darkness wrap me hiding me from the pain.

I climbed into my bed closing my eyes, dreading tomorrow.

More questions about my scars, more questions about my bruises, more questions about my life that I couldn't answer.



Name: Piper Maxwell

Age: 16


Name: Trevor Moran

Age: 16

Name: Jc Caylen

Age: 18

Name: Kian Lawley

Age: 18

Name: Sam Pottorff

Age: 17

Name: Ricky Dillon

Age: 18

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